Talk to the Author of Woman Submit! Christians & Domestic Violence

Jocelyn Andersen, author of Woman Submit! Christians & Domestic Violence, will appear on Life as a Christian Woman on August 28, 2007. Her book has caused a stir among the Christian community and brings to light a subject too long kept quiet. Her own experiences as a battered wife made her cry out to God more than once to save her life. And despite the human odds, God healed her and led her to a place of safety, peace, and understanding. She now wants to offer women the support and insight lacking during her own fight for life. ...more

Joyce Meyer Purpose and Passion Women's Convention

Registration is now open for the 25th anniversary women's convention of Joyce Meyer Ministries. No men and no kids allowed! It is a weekend to renew and refresh your spirit in Christ and deal with the tough issues facing today's Christian women. Learn more about the convention and Joyce at ...more

Answer Religious Questions for Anne Rice

Anne Rice became famous for her books The Vampire Chronicles and the Mayfair Witches. The dark supernatural events, seductive language and brilliantly developed characters created a readership of millions that hung on every word and dreamed of encountering Lestat on dim street or climbing the stairs of the Mayfair house with Michael. Anne’s announcement of her conversion to Christianity shocked that same readership, and opened a whole new world for Christian book lovers... Continue reading at ...more