Saturday Scriptures – Psalm 96

Today’s Break-Free Scripture was given to me as I began to ponder on the hardships of life. I began to worry and bother my mind about a pressing deadline. I tossed and turned and just couldn’t get it out of my mind. In the midst of my uneasiness God told me to: ...more

It could have been YOU

New York City is known for its skyscapers, yellow cabs, transit system and fast paced lifestyle. As a New Yorker, I can tell you that it is as beautiful as you’ve heard. Although I was born and raised here in “the big apple”, I still marvel at some of the sights sometimes. However, amidst the bustling streets, and skycrapers you will find thousands of homeless people. ...more

Don't forget the Journey

On my commute home last night, I contemplated on the people of Israel. I thought about the plagues God caused to fall upon the people of Egypt in order to free His people. God sent all manner of plagues and pestilence on these people. Locust, darkness and even the death of their first born sons. Finally, Pharoah got the point and let them go. The funny thing is I am not really bothered by Pharoah’s stubborness as much as I am bothered by the people of Israel. ...more

Talk of the Town

Let go of me” she must have said as they dragged her out of the room and through the streets. “Stop it, your hurting me.” She said. They continued dragging her through the crowd and threw her on the ground. Right there in the center of the crowd laid Mary Magdalene. I could just imagine the pain and shame she felt as the lawmen rallied to have her stoned. “What will become of me? I don’t want to die this way.” She must have thought. “He said he loved me, why is he now chanting with them.” She cried. Then the crowd grew silent. ...more

The State of YOUR Union

A few days ago millions sat in front of their televisions to watch President Obama deliver the state of the union address. As he delivered his speech, you could clearly see the divide between the two parties. The democrats were giving him standing ovations on almost 90% of everything he said, while the republicans clearly displayed their disatisfaction by remaining seated and silent. ...more

When the Spirit Sings…

So yesterday my family and I set out to put in an application for an apartment. I filled out the form and handed it to the young lady. She took it and put in a rolodex and told us Debbie would get back to us. I was a bit disappointed that we weren’t shown some immediate options. However, I quickly reminded myself that God has a plan and I needed to wait on Him. ...more

It’s greater than feelings

“It’s 5pm! YES!” Another day of work ended and I was elated. It was a long and packed day but the good Lord brought me through it. I began packing up and realized that I had class tonight. Even worse, it’s my Theological Survey class which is a bit challenging. “But I’m soo tired. I can barely keep my eyes open.” I said to myself. “Can’t I just skip tonight? I’ll make it up.” ...more

The Sycamore Tree

The story is told in Luke 19:1-7 ...more

Beyond my faults

What in the world possessed me to go back to school at the age of 30? Oh that’s right, GOD TOLD ME TO. Last night while completing my reading assignment, I came upon the story of Jesus calling Peter a “rock”. The textbook’s author, Dr. Wilmington, notes how Jesus called Peter a “rock” at a time when Peter was anything but stable. We’re talking about a man who had a temper, was a liar and DENIED knowing Christ three times. Yet, Jesus still called him a “rock”. ...more

The Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. -- Still Dreaming?

This is the week in which we honor the birth of the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King. It is a holiday that was, in the words of the song, "a long time coming." This year, we are calling it "A Day of Service," with the slogan "Make it a Day On, not a Day Off." It is a noble and appropriate idea. And who could not be thankful that members of the first family and the cabinet cooked food at homeless shelters and soup kitchens, cleaned trash up in a beautification project, and directly delivered food to the hungry? It's a good thing to do to really honor Martin Luther King. ...more

It is a source of sorrow that the quotes are still so relevent. This is the quote that stuck ...more