Divided Thanks

Thanksgiving…A time when we traditionally pause and reflect on life. Looking back over the previous year and giving thanks for our blessings…those we recognize and those known to only God. Today, my heart is divided. ...more

Patience is Not a Gift

Repeatedly throughout our journey I prayed for patience, wanting God to wave a magic wand and grant this gift to me. Predictably, those days that I longed most for a swift response to that prayer would be far worse than the situation leading up to the plea! For years (Yes, I am a bit of a slow learner sometimes!) I was dumbfounded by His answer until I made a little realization...http://frommyplantohis.com/2014/11/20/patience-is-not-a-gift/...more

We Must Not Be Silent


How My Atheist Boyfriend Helps Me Remember My Sense of God's Calling

Let me just preface this by saying: it’s not because I constantly feel the need to convert him. In fact, I never feel that need.No, The Dude, who is an affirmed atheist (or, as he’d probably prefer, humanist–it’s more pro-humans than anti-divinity) frequently reminds me of my first and strongest sense of a call to ministry in his continued incredulity of my profession....more

Joy Pedrow Ministries

Follower of Christ. Blogger. Women ministry. Senior at USF. Pittsburgh Girl. Journal fanatic. Hoping to help women experience Jesus. http://joypedrow.wordpress.com...more

Sudanese Woman Sentenced to Death: I'll Stand with Meriam

Why are the headlines filled with news about Solange and Jay-Z and not about the Sudanese woman sentenced to death for her religion?...more
An update via ...more

What Fruit Grows on God's Vine?

A Few Thoughts on: Education, Gwyneth Paltrow and World Vision

Things were very quiet here on the blog last week.  I was around but, I was quite crazy from a lack of sleep due to my 7 - year - old's month-long bout with insomnia.  As you can imagine, when your child can't get to sleep or stay asleep, you don't get to sleep much either.  Some nights we slept a total of two hours and by last week it had all caught up with me.  I was pretty much incapable of carrying on a conversation for longer than five minutes so, obviously writing blog posts was out of the question. ...more

All I Really Want for Christmas, Reviewed by Karen Campos SuperParentMom.com

When it comes to Christmas, it all began with a gift. The gift of Jesus to a waiting world. The gift of unconditional love to the lonely. The gift of hope to the hopeless. The gift of peace to those in conflict. The gift of joy to the mundane. The gift of salvation to all who believe.Today we often become over focused on the gifts we give others. Will they be appropriate? Will they be enjoyed? Will they be appreciated? Will they send the right message?...more

God Will Make A Way Out Of No Way