A Few Thoughts on: Education, Gwyneth Paltrow and World Vision

Things were very quiet here on the blog last week.  I was around but, I was quite crazy from a lack of sleep due to my 7 - year - old's month-long bout with insomnia.  As you can imagine, when your child can't get to sleep or stay asleep, you don't get to sleep much either.  Some nights we slept a total of two hours and by last week it had all caught up with me.  I was pretty much incapable of carrying on a conversation for longer than five minutes so, obviously writing blog posts was out of the question. ...more

All I Really Want for Christmas, Reviewed by Karen Campos SuperParentMom.com

When it comes to Christmas, it all began with a gift. The gift of Jesus to a waiting world. The gift of unconditional love to the lonely. The gift of hope to the hopeless. The gift of peace to those in conflict. The gift of joy to the mundane. The gift of salvation to all who believe.Today we often become over focused on the gifts we give others. Will they be appropriate? Will they be enjoyed? Will they be appreciated? Will they send the right message?...more

Prayer Requests and the things I cannot do

The other day I was praying out of my huge list of prayer requests....more
Amen! Thank you.more

Do YOU see in Black and White?

Do YOU see in Black and White?I have actually been doing quite well this week. I feel like I am finally beginning to find balance. Balance between effort and just being, love and chastisement, being ‘out there’ and hibernation, effort and rest.Above all, I’m learning that the ‘extremes’ that I have lived my life by continue to have rippling consequences. The moral ‘right’ is not always as black and white as I have made it. Is it possible that what I think is the ‘right’ thing to do could actually be damaging, not just on myself, but on those I love?...more
@littlemisswordy  @Denise  Learning to love grey!  Thank you so much for my first comments ever ...more

What does GOD think of me?

What does God think of me? ...more

Need to Process

I have started sevral blogs in the past, only to just let them go over time.  I think I've always been too specific in topic to maintain them as active blogs (my interests changed or there's only so much I can say about one thing).  So I am not sure what the theme or focus of this blog should be, but I feel like I am exploding inside.  I need a place to process; both the hard things in life and the sweet things.  I guess the focus will be "me" and how I go through this life. About me:...more

Are you a Christian?

Are you a Christian???How do you answer a question like that? More importantly, why do people ask me that... all the time?My gut reaction is 'startled'. I don't think I have ever in my life thought to ask that of any one, EVER. I find it a bit rude actually. Besides... what difference does it make if I'm a Christian or not??? Would the person asking change their opinion of me if I don't answer the way they want?? Are they stereotyping me and I'm not fitting in the box they have created for me??...more

Not All Like That? Sure. That's What You Say.

 When I first heard about the NALT (Not All Like That) Christians Project producing videos from Christians who are not haters, I was very skeptical. So much that I ignored it. Yes,I had this niggling curiosity - I thought Dan Savage's chapter in his latest book "American Savage" about his mother and their tie to the Catholic Church was one of the best things he's ever written....more