Spiritual Sunday - A Firm Foundation

Spiritual Sunday Words for consideration and spiritual growthAs the cedars of Lebanon we have a firm foundationTo read more click here...more

Ruth's Infertility Story

Each week I interview someone who has been through infertility.  This week, I’m happy to be chatting with Ruth from The One in Eight.  I hope you enjoy her interview and check out her new blog! Q. Tell us a little about yourself....more

Starting an Infertility Support Group at Church

Each week I interview someone who has experienced infertility firsthand.  You may remember Lesli Westfall, founder of Dancing Upon Barren Land, from her first interview where she shared her story.  Today she’s giving us some advice on starting a church-based infertility support group.  Enjoy!...more

Day One: You Are Extraordinary

Day One.You are extraordinary.I am talking to you.  I want to talk with you as if we are sitting  in your home.  Two women communicating  with open minds and hearts.  Let us have a  conversation about the extraordinary two women that God created, you and me....more

How Do Believers Disagree in Love?

The more I grow in faith and become well versed in scripture and understanding it, the more I find myself better equipped to actually discuss the Word with other believers. But two people being believers and a followers doesn’t automatically equate to them being in agreement all the time. When it comes to almost every topic there are and will be disagreements. Religion and faith aren't the same for everybody. And it took me some time to understand this....more

Just a Touch of Grace

In today’s society, young people are very much in that “gimme gimme” frame of mind. It’s all about what others can do for them and what they will get out of a situation. It didn’t always used to be like this. Not too long ago people had manners and a sense of decorum. Men opened doors for women, they’d pull out chairs for a woman or child to sit, or they put their jacket down so a lady could cross the street without getting her shoes wet or muddy....more

10 Examples of Christian Privilege in America

yeah and ? Sacred Scripture Does say God's Favor shall be on her/his peoplemore

The Jubilee Professional Conference: Combining our Faith and Career lives

Nine days ago I would have had no idea what the title of the post was about. Yesterday, I experienced the fireworks of what happens when your faith life and your career life meet up and have a sit-down together....more

What's Your Price?

This is very personal for me, because it deals with a topic I still from time to time struggling with, but hope to help others to not struggle with it long or not at all.That is Self-worth. I asked, “What’s your price?”, in the beginning because I wanted you to take the time to thing about it. Do you have a price? What price are you willing to pay for others (male or female) to like you, accept you and/or love you?...more