Prayers for single moms


HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all mothers in the world

We are all a mother's son or a mother's daughter...I am also a mother of 3 gorgeous children...I have been blessed with a beautiful princess & 2 gorgeous princes...Happy & proud to be a mother.... I have a wonderful mother, she is a great woman & the most loyal wife I've ever known in my life...Always a touchy feeling to see her love to my father...Still remember back in 2006 when my father got a false diagnosed with cancer...How she was so broken hearted... Stressful and suffering......more

P. S. A special Mother's Day wish for my mom:

P. S. A special Mother's Day wish for my mom:I wish you were here, O Mother, dear Mom.But you are with God, where we all started from.I know you can see me, I feel you more than notYour strength flows through me; resilience, I’ve got.You have my back and are at the side of our Master.Nothing can hurt me, no harm or disastercan come, bringing fear,because you are near.Not far, but near. In another word: here.I know you can see me…as I shed another tear, live on another year with no doubt or fear....more

Are you there God? It's me Carol...

Bitching and Moaning: Life's Unfair... no duh! ...more

Becoming Wadoo

Just when you think your day couldn't get worse as your typing a psychology paper for class, It actually gets BETTER! Your sister-in-law texts you a picture of her ultrasound! 10 weeks. It's the cutest peanut I have ever seen. Keep reading to learn how this relates to being a "Wadoo" ...more

A List for a Bad Day: 10 Things I Love About Being a Mom

It's so easy to be fussy. It is so easy to think about all the reasons why I'd be completely justified to just sit down, right now, in the middle of the floor -- and cry. But I'm not going to do that. I'm not going to do that, because I have too much to be thankful for... and so do you....more
Thanks. My favorite from your list: the sound of thumbsucking. :)more

I Hope They'll See Me Get it Right When I Get it Wrong

Some days I wonder, when my children grow up and reflect on their early childhood, what will they recall? What impressions have I made? What childhood memories have already anchored themselves within my little people's tiny, growing hippocampuses? Do I still have time before the bad ones start counting? Do I still have time to put in some good ones?...more
When I was a newly wed bride fumbling through the process of learning to be a (good) wife, my ...more

Mary, Did You Know?

This time of year, I think about Mary....more

Memories of a Football Mom

Contemplating what to have written on your eye stickers for your football game can take a while, seeing as you must have an einy meiny miny mo contest with each selection. Being a 6-year-old boy has got to be difficult. I mean you're shaping your entire image in one statement under your eyes for the entire game, it can be stressful. Thank goodness for purchasing a pack of 20 for any last-minute changes of heart....more

Can You Feel The Power? ~ a mothers path to insanity or serentity

Is it not completely insane to think that “I” the wife and mother of the house holds the fate of every individuals day who lives here in the palm of my hand? You may think I am being incredibly self absorbent, on a power trip or simply just that I have lost my mind by making that statement, but please indulge me for a minute of your day. That first glance of my glowing coffee pot in the early morning is like a beam of salvation for a sleep deprived mother of 3. Many thoughts crossing my mind as I mentally check off all the “to do’s” of my day....more