Lessons from Christina: Drink Chia Fresca (and the Weekly Round-Up)

Here’s a quick tip I picked up from the 3-Day Intensive Study with Christina Pirello. Drink Chia Fresca! Christina and her husband Robert are both athletes. Robert runs marathons and has a goal to run the Boston Marathon when he’s 100 (I think he’ll do it). It turns out that Christina and I were in the same women’s triathlon in Philadelphia a few years ago!...more

Lessons from Christina: Rethink Breakfast

Last Friday I packed aprons, towels, knives, spoons and several other favorite kitchen items — and running shoes — and caught an Amtrak to Philadelphia  ...more

“Christina Cooks” with me! (+ A Weekly Round-Up)

Hello from Philadelphia!  I’m on day three of a Three-Day Intensive Study Program at The Christina Pirello School of Natural Cooking and Integrative Health Studies. It has been transformative!  I’m really thinking about the how and why of what I eat and am excited to share some of those thoughts — and inspired recipes — in the future....more