Cleaning Up From the Holidays - One Broken Ornament at a Time

Well I finally got all the Christmas Decorations packed up and put away.  No, I am NOT one of those who think it is acceptable to leave the decorations until, like, Valentine's Day.  You know the people that I'm talking about though; the ones whose house you drive by on July 4th, and they still have the damn wreath hanging on the front door and the lights still attached to the gutters....more

My First Year in Blogging

Everyone's doing the recap of their year in blog posts, and since this is my first year of blogging, I will contribute as well. BlogHer doesn't want me to fix my HTML  so I can link dump, so please go to my personal blog to read the full story and get the full HD experience.Four deaths in four months, major heart surgery, tattoos, trips and a whole lotta love and "Drs don't know what's wrong with me" sick. -[.Blood.and.Honey.]- *[See the original post or more of the story at: ]*...more

Santa vs. Pai Natal

It’s a little late to be blogging about Christmas, I know. Something about the build up to Christmas means that even the very next day, it’s a stale subject. Old news. Anyhow, I didn’t have a chance to blog about Christmas on Christmas, so I’m making up for it now. This year was my first year spending Christmas in Portugal. My very first Christmas without snow! And boy was that ever weird....more

Grasping at Thin


Is Santa the Best Marketer of All Time?

Is Santa the best marketer ever? Think about it:...more

A Very BDSM Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas, and in the sex clubThe only creature now stirring, was my new eager sub.The swing was all bolted, my toes she did suck,I was done with the kink now, and was ready to fuck...more

Three Wise Guys And A Baby

Merry Christmas everyone...more

Christmas Memories

by Dr. Patricia Yarberry AllenI loved making Christmas special when I was a young wife and mother. The trees could never be tall enough, the lifetime collection of ornaments, each with a story, could never be enough to decorate each year’s tree in order to fill my sons’ memory banks with joy. There was the Christmas when we lived in a townhouse on Madison Avenue. The parlor had heavy double wooden doors … just like in the Nutcracker....more