It is Still Christmas at My House. Here's Why.

Our family waits longer than anyone else we know to turn off our Christmas lights, and put away the holiday decorations.  I think I have figured out why. ...more

The Christmas Vacation Dilemma

A few days before Christmas, I read a post from another favorite blogger of mine, Mother O’ Jim, titled “When Delaying is Enhancing…” . The blog was about her son’s Christmas anxiety over a gift he knew he was going to receive (give it a read if you have a minute) and the steps taken to minimize his anxiety....more

Throwback Thursday, Christmas

Now that I'm feeling better, I'm making a concerted effort to take care of those projects I've been meaning to get around to. One of those projects is to turn the four or five plastic storage boxes of family photos into an online collection. To that end, hubby set me up with an external hard drive, brand new scanner, and re-arranged the bedroom to make my computer area cozy & efficient. I'm still working on creating the website photo software, and I've only done a little scanning so far, but given the season, I figured I'd share these picture here now....more

Our Christmas (2014)

You don't mind if I take some time to post an entry into my online mommy/baby journal, do you? I certainly appreciate it ;) ...more


How To Make Glühwein and Kinderpunsch

Happy Christmas Eve! I hope you are all getting off work early and enjoying some serious family time. Sometimes I think Christmas Eve is more exciting than Christmas Day. All the anticipation and traditions. Mmmmm :) It's just the best day ever. ...more

Joy Lives in Small Places

     It's easy to fall into this negative way of thinking: I don't have enough (insert item here), I wish I had (insert item here), everyone else has (insert item here) but me. My life sucks. It might be an easy thought pattern to get into, but it will destroy you. It will eat away at your joy like a cancer until there is nothing left but bitterness. I've seen it too many times. I choose joy. ...more

6 Hacks for Gift Wrapping

It doesn't take much time on Pinterest to find works of art when it comes to gift wrap. You'll see beautiful bows, magically coordinated papers, and perfectly folded corners. As much as I love to ogle these gorgeously wrapped presents, gifts look a little different under our tree. Family interests (superheroes, pirates, Tinkerbell) determine our paper choices, not the latest Pinterest trends. Our corners usually aren't perfect. And usually, we don't even have bows! ...more

Why I Celebrate Christmas as an Atheist

   Many of you already know that I am an outspoken atheist. ...more

Gluten Free and Dairy Free Christmas Treats

  Holiday Cranberry Loaf Gluten Free and Dairy Free ...more