Breakfast Casseroles for Christmas Morning or Feeding Holiday Houseguests

Whether you have houseguests and want to make a breakfast that will impress, or you'd just like to have something nutritious to feed the kids after opening presents, breakfast casseroles are perfect for the holidays. What's a breakfast casserole? There are endless variations, but it's a baked dish that usually includes eggs, and may or may not include other ingredients like bread, potatoes, tortillas, cheese, bacon, sausage, or mushrooms. ...more
I just stumbled on this! Thanks so much for the compilation of great looking recipes! I love ...more

Eggnog Challah French Toast Bread Pudding.

 I love eggnog. Some people say it's very rich, and that you can only have a tiny glass, but I don't have that problem. I'll intentionally not buy eggnog during Christmas, just so that I don't accidentally drink the whole thing. When I worked at Starbucks and eggnog latte season rolled around, I'd have to ration myself to a little 4oz. sample cup's worth each day. Not as a latte, mind you....more