Say Yes to the Annual Christmas Letter!

Write a holiday letter. I know, I know, maybe it isn’t your thing. But this life is flying by so fast and a holiday letter will do two things (even if you don’t send it!) –...more

My Holiday Card List Is Too Long

Dear Mouthy Housewives,When exactly do you stop sending people holiday cards?I keep going through names of people I literally haven’t spoken to in years and wonder why the heck we still send each other cards?  But if I receive one from them, I think I have to reciprocate.  And those cards are expensive!  And then there are the new people.  I’ve started receiving some from my daughter's new preschool class, and I had no intention of sending any of them a card — but do I have to now?  This is out-of-control and exhausting!Signed,...more
We were up to 120 at one point; I have it down to just under 90 now. I still have people who ...more

Send Me a Holiday Card, I’ll Donate $1 to Pittsburgh’s LGBT Community Center

The first card we received this year was sent to "Sue and Laura" - it's from my very conservative Christian cousin's family so I'm glad they at least acknowledge our relationship. But I wish they realized Laura has a last name. It has been ten years.The second card was sent to the "Dunhoff-Kerr Family" because a dog friend considers us a family and our pets as part of that blended family.The third card was addressed to Laura only, but included me in the inside (along with the critters.)...more

Happy Holidays from My Family – A Gratitude Tradition for Your Holiday Cards

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Cool Yule, Happy New Year...Here is our 2013 Christmas card. Each year our card focuses on what we are thankful for, as well as the different things the kids want as they grow....more
Thanks  Roma Girl ! It's nice to look back through the years and see how they've changed.more

Christmas Card List Thoughts

Christmas Card List Thoughts ...more

A Not-So-Humble Holiday Shout Out

I'm already behind on my Christmas to-do list. It's December 4th and I have YET to get started on our Christmas cards. I got out of doing them last year because I played the "We're in the middle of moving and I'm just so overwhelmed and emotional" card, but I'm all out of excuses this year. Dammit. So, that's my goal for this week. Get ass in gear to design picture perfect Christmas card even though we never really look like that except for this one occasion but I'd like for people to think so which is kind of a lost cause since I've pretty much blown our cover with this blog. ...more

You Never Know When You’re Going to Get the Perfect Picture

It’s Thanksgiving, and you know what that means.  No, I’m not talking about food, although the holiday does mean being thankful, and it does include turkey, dressing and pie.  For me and Hubby, Thanksgiving means we have to buckle down and finalize our Christmas card....more

Countdown to Christmas 56 Days and Counting

Countdown to Christmas 56 Days and Counting ...more

Beating The Rush

A simple assignment for this weekend!  It's something that needs to be done every year and something that usually gets put off until the last minute!Christmas cards.Yes, I said Christmas cards in September.  We're going to take a tiny step this weekend and get a huge jump on the holiday season....more

Scrapbooking Your Christmas Cards

Your Christmas tree is down and your holiday decorations are all put away, right?And if you're like me, your Christmas cards are put away too, stored away in the attic or outside storage house?Not anymore!Don't put those cards away yet!  And all the old ones?  Pull those out, too!We're gonna organize them in a Scrapbook!  I worked on mine for several hours and I'm tickled with the results....more