Caroling with the Gandharvas

Did you know that it's not just Love, Peace and Compassion that is common among different religions?...more
thank you so much for this post and I hope to see you post in the January NaBloPoMomore

Christmas Carols are REAL!

OK, it is almost Thanksgiving and they are already playing Christmas Carols all over the place, so I am excited to share with you the amazing fact that, aside from adding a wonderful feeling of warmth and cheer to any family gathering, holiday party or shopping experience, Christmas Carols are REAL!...more

Twelve Days of Life After Normal

In the spirit of the holiday season – and overwhelmed by the insanity that always seems to accompany it – I decided to reflect on my week. (Singing is optional, but highly recommended). Happy holidays! On the 12 days of Christmas, my crazy Life After Normal gave to me: 12 new work assignments 11 gifts to wrap 10 dollars left 9 cards to mail 8 “A Christmas Story”s 7 skipped workouts 6 vegan cookies 5 boozy drinks ** 4 o’clock massage 3 burnt out candles 2 crazy cats ...more

Motherly Advice

     I heard the bells...more

Butt Carols

My husband and I shower together.Which sounds all kinds of sexy.Except that it's not.Because the hubs works a lot, we don't have a ton of time together. So we try and spend what few moments we have during the week with each other. ...more

I absolutely LOVE this post. It was just perfect! Thanks for sharing :)