Twelve Days of Life After Normal

In the spirit of the holiday season – and overwhelmed by the insanity that always seems to accompany it – I decided to reflect on my week. (Singing is optional, but highly recommended). Happy holidays! On the 12 days of Christmas, my crazy Life After Normal gave to me: 12 new work assignments 11 gifts to wrap 10 dollars left 9 cards to mail 8 “A Christmas Story”s 7 skipped workouts 6 vegan cookies 5 boozy drinks ** 4 o’clock massage 3 burnt out candles 2 crazy cats ...more

Motherly Advice

     I heard the bells...more

Butt Carols

My husband and I shower together.Which sounds all kinds of sexy.Except that it's not.Because the hubs works a lot, we don't have a ton of time together. So we try and spend what few moments we have during the week with each other. ...more

I absolutely LOVE this post. It was just perfect! Thanks for sharing :)