Chewy Ginger Molasses Cookies

How do I know the holidays are here? Because my kitchen is filled with things I never use the other 11 months of the year. First it was peppermint, now it’s molasses. Don’t worry – I didn’t get crazy and combine the two… yet....more

Whole Grain Eggnog Cookies

With a light, crispy sugar coating, white chocolate chips, and that distinct eggnog flavor in every bite, these whole grain holiday cookies are really something special....more

Who needs elves? Make your own Pecan Sandies

These are one of my all-time favorite cookies, and I’m betting they’re an obsession with you, too.  Pecan Sandies....more

Chocolate Cream Cheese Cookies - 1 Dough 3 Cookies

I love cookie dough that can be made into different cookies, especially this time of year. You just make up a double batch of the dough, or even triple it, and then add a little of this and a little of that and voila! Different cookies.This Chocolate Cream Cheese dough is delicious and malleable making it great for rolling and shaping. Oh, and it is delicious too....more

Pre-Fab? Fabulous!

Each year I love celebrating the holidays by becoming Martha Stewart, Super-Mom.  I make cookies, fudge, pies, and desserts.  I wrap all the presents in matching wrapping paper and make my own bows, usually something different every time.  When I was literally 8 1/2 months pregnant and going into early labor, I made about 30 personalized salt dough ornaments that doubled as gift tags on the presents.  I always bring my neighbors packages of goodies.  I donate to the less fortunate.  I buy everyone a gift....more

Holiday Gingersnaps

For some reason, I have been really into ginger lately....more

Recipe Monday - Christmas Cookies

For this recipe Monday, let's just recap a few cookie recipes with new pictures!First, anisette cookies. These came out better than last year's! I cooked the whole batch this year, and ended up with nine dozen cookies....more

Christmas Cookies: Chocolate oatmeal cookie

I first want to wish all Edible Times and BlogHer friends a Merry Christmas!   In light of my recent AWOL status (short version = cross-country move plus a new job), I’d like to share a recipe that I truly believe will knock your Christmas stockings off....more