Pre-Fab? Fabulous!

Each year I love celebrating the holidays by becoming Martha Stewart, Super-Mom.  I make cookies, fudge, pies, and desserts.  I wrap all the presents in matching wrapping paper and make my own bows, usually something different every time.  When I was literally 8 1/2 months pregnant and going into early labor, I made about 30 personalized salt dough ornaments that doubled as gift tags on the presents.  I always bring my neighbors packages of goodies.  I donate to the less fortunate.  I buy everyone a gift....more

Holiday Gingersnaps

For some reason, I have been really into ginger lately....more

Recipe Monday - Christmas Cookies

For this recipe Monday, let's just recap a few cookie recipes with new pictures!First, anisette cookies. These came out better than last year's! I cooked the whole batch this year, and ended up with nine dozen cookies....more

Christmas Cookies: Chocolate oatmeal cookie

I first want to wish all Edible Times and BlogHer friends a Merry Christmas!   In light of my recent AWOL status (short version = cross-country move plus a new job), I’d like to share a recipe that I truly believe will knock your Christmas stockings off....more

Linzer Stars

Oh heyyyyy,Isn't Christmas season the best? You get to wear cozy (and sometimes sparkly!) clothes, drink cozy (and usually spiked!) drinks, and eat some delicious, decadent food without feeling the least bit guilty about it. It's the holidays! Right??? ;)...more

Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Bars


Butter Balls

Hey there!...more

Egg Yolk Painting on Christmas Cookies

Egg yolk painting is an easy, fun way to decorate your Christmas sugar cookies. Kids of all ages like doing this – it’s like painting a masterpiece, and then they get to eat it! You will need:...more

Peppermint Puff Cookies

I share many treats and desserts on my blog, but it's the family recipes that I look forward to sharing the most. Growing up, I lived in the same town for many years as my extended family, so we all became very close. Holiday gatherings have always featured trays of desserts. As me and my siblings and cousins got older, the responsibility to bring the treats to family holidays shifted to us. Often, I bring my own creations, but occasionally I love baking a childhood recipe! ...more
I love peppermint, so these are now on my list to try. Thank you for sharing. I know how ...more

Chocolate oatmeal cookies & why they're my favorite at Christmas

I have a confession to make.  I have been keeping my most favorite Christmastime cookie recipe under lock and key, but I am caving. After all, I’m pretty sure you can find a recipe for this style of no-bake chocolate oatmeal cookie in about a million places on the internet.  The catch here is I can tell you how to ensure success.   And that’s because I’ve failed many times in the process....more