DIY Homemade Christmas Kids' Crafts and Decorations

 Homemade crafts and projects during the holiday season are a fun way to let your creativity flow while creating projects for your home or to give out as gifts to family and friends.  Making DIY items with children keeps their hands busy and allows them to explore their creative side.  If your children enjoy crafting and getting a little messy with glue, paint or glitter, turn on some holiday music and give these crafts a try!...more

The Easiest Christmas Mason Jar Candles You Can Make

I created some simple and cheap mason jar Christmas candles that anyone can make in minutes. (Pssst … the candles are battery operated, so on days when my kids are keeping me busy and I forget to turn them off, no worries.) ...more

How Long to Wait to Decorate

I’m slightly at war with myself. Well, that’s kind of a constant state for me for lots of reasons, but there’s a particular reason right now why I’m getting anxious.I want to start decorating my apartment for Christmas, but I know it’s still ridiculously early for that!I know, it’s silly to be at war with myself over something so trivial in the grand scale of things. But there it is....more

Putting Christmas Away

It’s January 1st, 2014.  Welcome, 2014.  I’m excited for this year.  It kinda feels like it’s gonna be a good one.  Not because I know of anything particularly fantastic that’s happening, but because I feel different going into the new year than I have in a very long time....more

Big or Little, Real or Fake?

I started to write this post in answer to the BlogHer prompt - which is better, a big or a small Christmas tree? but I seem to have answered another question: - real tree, or fake?This year I bought an enormous, real tree. I loved its huge, dark presence. It dominated our living/dining room, along with the pine scent which hit you as soon as you walked in. My daughter 'helped' me decorate it (mainly she looked for Christmas songs on Youtube and sang them while I did the work, occasionally stopping her singing and dancing to point out that I had 'missed a bit')....more

Collecting Detail

Weekly Writing Challenge: Collecting Detail A Daily Post Challenge...more

My Neighbors Are Pressuring Me To Decorate for the Holidays!

Dear Mouthy Housewives,We live in a neighborhood where everyone decorates the outside of their house for Christmas. We never do because we go out of town and aren't that into spending money on something that doesn't matter to us. However, recently a couple of neighbors have passive-aggressively made comments about how bad it looks to have our house dark on a festive street. Should I cave in and hang up some lights (which I can't afford to give either time or money to) or just ignore them? I don't want to cause trouble.Signed,Am I Gretchen the Grinch?...more
They try, but I'm the boss of me! I'm not decorated yet.more

Produce Farms, Bread & Christmas Decorations

This weekend was busy but not to exciting. I was on the hunt for fresh local apples. The ones in the supermarkets are not great at all. I think I was at 3 different farms before I found any at all. There are properties around where I live, that just leave boxes of apples at the end of their driveway for people to take. Which is pretty neat. If you can't sell them, why let them rot on the ground. Places that do sell apples were almost sold out for the season. But I did manage to find some decent apples and winter squash....more

Holidays at the White House: In Pictures

On Friday, BlogHer went to the White House to see the holiday decorations in the East Wing. The Obamas have decked the halls with much more than just boughs of holly. See our our pictures to get into the spirit, and see more photos on the official White House Holidays 2012 page. ...more

At My House, the Holidays Don't End Until February

Dear Mouthy Housewives,My stupid Christmas tree is taunting me. I know it's time for that dried up thing to come down but I just have no motivation this time of year. Without fail, I always become that weird house that doesn't take their decorations down until the end of February. How can I avoid that this year?...more