Christmas Traditions in a "Dysfunctional" Family

The feeling of growing up in a dysfunctional family seems to be common. The term "dysfunctional" indicates that the family did not function at all, which is usually not true. No matter how deep the pathology or how damaged the members, families usually DO function to some extent, especially during the holidays....more

A Moment of Magic

When Grandma came to visit, she stayed in my bedroom because I didn’t sleep in there anyhow. To my brother’s embarrassment, I slept with him until he grew too old, had enough, and kicked me out. One Christmas Eve, I left my brother’s bed in the middle of the night. I crawled into my own bed, with Grandma. Grandma was not like other Grandma’s I knew, and I wanted more of her....more

4 Days Until Christmas......Christmas Eve Menu Ideas

Tuesday, December 21, 2010 4 Days Until Christmas......Christmas Eve Menu Ideas Our family has a tradition of having appetizers for Christmas Eve. Let's face it, I would like to have appetizers for every meal. I look for make ahead appetizers so that I can enjoy the evening with my family....more

mmmm....meatballs sound yummy!more

Christmas Come

We have been held for the last four weeks of Advent in the tension between expectation and realization, and now this tautness turns to release. Self-examination melts into praise; waiting basks in fulfillment; hope turns into joy. ... This is what it has all been about from the very beginning: a Child, born into the rush of time, redeeming time and those who dwell in its confines. This, this is Christ the king  Whom shepherds guard and angels sing. Haste, haste to bring him laud— ...more

From a reader:

I have just completed using your book, "Awaiting the Child" in an adult ...more

Santa, the Mind Reader

By this time of year, I am usually just about done with my Christmas shopping for the girls.  I always have to have one or two presents that deliver a real Wow factor, of which I already have in my possession.  After raiding two different Abercrombie stores this past weekend, I have the clothes portion of the gift list checked off as well.  All I need are the last few special treats that fill up the bottom of the tree and fill the girls with amusement as they tear open the packages....more

Are The Seven Fishes Really An Italian-American Christmas Eve Tradition For All Families?

Christmas is a very important time in an any Italian or Italian American family. If you grew up with a strong sense of faith then Christmas is about more than just gifts and entertaining. With every family, I think traditions vary. As Italian Americans we come from different regions of Italy or maybe many of us come from Southern Italy or Sicily. Either way, we've evolved our Italian traditions to match the American traditions of Christmas. Christmas is Christmas, unlike Thanksgiving, this is a holiday celebrated by Catholics all around the world. Even celebrated by non-Catholics. ...more

Christmas Eve Call to 9-1-1

...Back at the gallery I call 911 and begin explaining how my husband is missing. The owner is obviously traumatized and is trying to comfort my children with, “I know we are going to find your daddy very soon. Don’t you worry.” I am thinking about how for the rest of my life I will tell people about how 2007 was the most perfect Christmas until my husband fell on the ice and bashed his brains out. read what happened at ...more