5 Perfect Christmas Gifts for Mom.

"A mom is more than a fearless woman, she is more than a hero and more than a best friend. A mom is our life"....more

An Engagement Ring Is Not a Christmas Gift

Did you know that 26% of engagements happen at Christmas time? Right up there with the stress of holiday obligations and partying, two people decide to commit their futures to each other. Not a good idea....more

It's the Worst Time of Year to Get Engaged

Did you know that 26% of all engagements occur at Christmas time? Tucked right in there with all the excitement, stress and partying of the holiday season, a man and woman decide to commit their future to each other. It's the worst time of the year to make such an important decision.An engagement ring is not a gift, like jewelry or a cashmere sweater. The ring is the beginning of a commitment that you fulfill when you marry. If either of you decide not to marry, you have to return the ring....more
Jennifer, you're one of the lucky ones. Congratulations! helgamore

Perfect Gift - Chestnut Trees

Perfect Gift - Chestnut TreesHe who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree.  ~Roy L. Smith...more

Grace--the Best Gift I Gave and Received this Christmas

David and I attended an afternoon gathering at our church a few Sundays ago, a few weeks before Christmas....more

And That's Why I Was Shellacking A Potato In My Cul-De-Sac

My sister found the most exquisite potato ever grown. Yes, I know that I tend to speak in hyperbole, but dudes. No joke. This potato is a fine, fine specimen. Naturally, she texted a photo of the potato to me. Naturally, I decided to rush to the grocery store, buy the potato and put several coats of shellac on it to preserve it for generations to come.What? Like you've never had the desire to shellac a potato. Plus, the shellacked spud was going to double as her Christmas gift. Two gifts, one potato....more
Denise Oh Denise! I so needed your expertise on the potato matter before I shellacked it. Resin ...more

The Tale of the WafflePro 800: A Christmas Story

Every now and then, a Christmas gift becomes a legend. And while this is almost one of those you-had-to-be there stories, the Accidental Locavore has faith that, in the spirit of Christmas, you can picture it all happening. So put on your best holiday PJ's and enjoy the legend of the WafflePro 800......more

Unique DIY Christmas Gifts

Make your Christmas merry with a touch of handmade! Following are ten remarkable Christmas gifts that you can craft yourself! Credit: Jonas N...more

Making gifts for the holidays.

Here are a few handmade gift ideas for all of you DIY'ers out there. These would make great gifts not only for Christmas, but also year round....more

i am a big fan of DYI crafts. personalized gifts are always best for me.more

Make your holiday a success.

A handmade Christmas full of DIY projects that you can make and give! This post is a continuation of gifts you can make spun off of the original blog post...more