Fun Christmas Gift Ideas Your Boyfriend Will Actually Love

The holiday season is quickly approaching and, with it, comes the gift-giving season. You have a lot of names on your list, but a certain one at the top is a source of frustration and anxiety. What does your boyfriend want for Christmas? You want to give him something he will love, but when you ask, you get the typical “I will love anything you get me” response. How do you break the code? Here are some great gift ideas to find that Christmas gift your boyfriend will love.Camera Drone...more

What's on your holiday wish list, America? Botox or Dentures?

The Thanksgiving Day weekend shopping numbers are in and it doesn't look pretty. Retailers were hoping to see bigger profits during Black Friday weekend....more

Holiday Office Party Gift Ideas

Can you believe this is the last week before Christmas? Only one week left until Christmas, which means only (including today) 5 work days left.  Most likely you have some kind of holiday work party this week, whether that means a potluck at the office, an afterhours cocktails or a weekend dinner with significant others – either way you have to bring some kind of gift. By gifts, this could mean for your manager, or the owner of the company or maybe your office is doing a Pollyanna with all your co-workers.  Either way, below are some great gift ideas for all....more

My 12 Days of Christmas

For the first 12 days of December this year, I recreated the Twelve Days of Christmas for my true love... sorta. I gave The Man of the House a small gift each day to represent the gift from that day of the song.  I had a ton of fun coming up with stuff to be a symbols of each day!  And got some help from the female offspring along the way.  Some were obvious.  Some I was really reaching for.  Some were just plain silly! Here's how my 12 days of Christmas turned out:...more
Karen BallumThanx so much! I loved doing it, and seeing his response to each one.more

Christmas Party Mix

Christmas Party Mix I have a super simple and delicious recipe for you today that requires no baking and is perfect for the holiday season. The combination of salty pretzels and peanuts, melted white chocolate, and M&M's makes this party mix the most addictiong thing ever. Perhaps that is why some people refer to this as Christmas Crack. Consider yourself warned....more

Angry Birds Hooded Towels

Do you know what happened to me? I had one of those between sleep and awake epiphanys! You know, the kind where some amazing thought comes to you when you are right in that state between being awake and falling asleep. What does this mean? This could be huge! Well, at least it was huge around our house and made me the #1 mom for the week anyway. I was planning to do a dragon/dinosaur towel for the month of July. Until my epiphany. Instead I give you....(drum roll please)....Angry Birds!!! ...more
These are really cute!  If you plan to make these for resale, you can't sell them on Etsy.  It's ...more

christmas keepsake box

On Black Friday while everyone was out shopping like crazy people, I had a pajama day and made some Christmas gifts. This is a little Christmas Keepsake Box that I made using some of the awesome Stampin' Up! products from the Holiday Mini Catalog....more
Ha! Love it! Pajama Day! That says it what you want, when you want...Fondly, Robinmore

Loving gift cards as I get older

I'll admit I may have misjudged the awesomeness of gift cards when I was younger, and I'm guessing there are probably a couple of bloggers out there who might still feel the same way. "They're uncreative," I would sigh, as I fretted about what the heck to get someone for Christmas....more

Educational Toys for Children

Having fun with your kids at home may also mean that sometimes you need to play with their toys. In the past year I have learned more about Transformers and Star Wars than I ever did in my childhood. I still do not find the toys as fascinating as my husband does but I do find the role playing and scenarios my children make up captivating....more