Gift-Giving: The Good, the Bad, and the Weird

Giving gifts is an act fraught with significance and anxiety.(1) How much should I spend? Will the person re-gift this? How the hell do I wrap and ship a live goat?(2)Never fear. Here are some tips on what to do, what to avoid, and how to make sure your gift is really special.The Good. My husband, Dan, is the best gift-giver I know. His strategy is to follow me discreetly around a mall or exhibit hall, note what I ooh and ahh over, and sneak back to buy it.(3)...more

Frugal, Useful Gifts for Men

This is a list of frugal, useful things to give a man. It is not pretty things, or really fun things, or the cheapest things. Many of them will save money and if you don't want to waste money on something frivolous, or your man gets a kick out of pinching pennies, then this is the list for you....more

A personal sleigh for your highness!

 When I was a kid, we had a toboggan that my father kept in the fruit cellar. Yep, we had a fruit cellar....more

Bathroom Santa is Not On My Christmas List

I just heard on the radio that 54% of Americans have already started their Christmas shopping. PUHLEEZE PEOPLE!!Stop rushing the holiday!  But for those of you who can’t resist shopping early and are just chomping at the bit to buy me a present, let me give you a few hints on what I DON’T WANT....more
I usually start Christmas shopping by October at the LATEST. It's not about rushing the holiday ...more

The Most "WTF? " Christmas Gifts I Ever Received

 The holidays seem to be upon us, but no matter how hard the world tries to tell me this with Christmas decorations up before Halloween, I always feel like the last to know.  Today, the message was clear at my local ShopRite where I stood 5 deep in line with people who seemed worried that there may be a run on gravy in the next few days.  I'm not the best cook, and people who come to my house come with lowered expectations, so food is not what I panic about during the holidays....more

Hey writers... Got a lot to say about nothing, but can't figure out what to say? Let Storymatic help!

Ahhh...  Every writer's dream:  To be so busy promoting your best selling novel, that you can't think of what to write next; well worry no more young grasshopper–it's Storymatic to the rescue!Don't get all wigged out by the words you see to your left, that deck is for the pint-sized authors looking for a new twist; after all...  Everyone has a story!...more

Santa's sleigh candy gift

Idea submitted by Sue of Bishop, GANow that Christmas is around the corner, I wanted to share this cute gift idea with you. My mom received this candy sleigh from a neighbor. It looks easy to assemble and would be a great gift for people with a sweet tooth!You will need:...more

Gifts Under $200 for Christmas 2013

 Gifts Under $200 for Christmas 2013Christmas will be here soon!  Finding the perfect gift for those that you love can be a challenge.  We have worked all year to put together the perfect list of gadgets under $200 that friends and family are sure to love.  Sit back, relax and start your Christmas shopping.Warm Regards,...more
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