Gift Ideas for your Nanny

It’s that time of the year. Time to think about what to give the wonderful person who cares for your kids. We’ve come up with a list of some of our favorite nanny holiday gifts. 1. Holiday Bonus 2. Homemade gifts from the kids 3. Extra paid time off 4. Membership to a gym or club she enjoys 5. Health Insurance 6. Entertainment tickets (movie passes, concert tickets, sporting events) 7. Updated phone, I-pad, computer 8. Reimbursement for continuing education or seminar expenses 9....more

Countdown to Christmas 21 Days and Counting

Countdown to Christmas 21 Days and Counting Gifts for - clubs, baby sitters, lawn service providers, etc. ...more

Top Stocking Stuffers For Kids!

I know, lots of bloggers out there have their "must have" stocking stuffer lists.  I am no exception!  Stockings are probably the best part of Christmas morning for me.  I individually wrap all the goodies I tuck in for my kids so each one is a true treasure. So, I've rounded up a few fun, cute gifts they are sure to covet in their stockings.  Below read on for my top five girls and top five boys stocking stuffers. For The Girls: ...more

Quick List of 10 Stocking Stuffers for Kids

Boy, this time of year crept up fast! Here we are already talking about "everything" Christmas. I have compiled a short list of 10 stocking stuffer ideas for kids. For more mom ideas, visit: 1) Favorite candies- I am sure everyone is full of candy coming off Halloween and Thanksgiving as well as Christmas parties, but who doesn't appreciate a few of their favorites. 2) Personalized paper pads and crayons/markers- There are several places that print personalized paper pads very cheaply. ...more

Rooster Reality

Late last summer, I wrote a blog, Rooster Envy, in which I described my general love for all things chicken and about a beautiful eight foot rooster I had found in Amarillo, TX.  With four months to go until my birthday and Christmas, I dreamt about that large bird on a daily basis.  He would look so cool suspended from the ceiling…he would look so amazing standing guard over our kitchen.  Although I felt he wasn’t significant enough in size to make a statement as yard art, standing sent...more

A Christmas Lesson from a 7 Year Old

As a parent to a seven and four year old the pressure to play Santa Clause weighed heavy on me this year. I have created this illusion in my head that my kids had to have the best Christmas ever, I'm not sure if it’s because I started the season in a piss poor mood so I felt I needed to make sure I ended the season with shits and giggles. I didn't want to fail them.I wanted to make sure that we created a Christmas miracle, and it would be as magical as a Criss Angel walking on water, shouldn’t that be Jesus? But wait, that can't happen cause he wasn't born yet....more

Spoiled poochie woman

Precious, the spoiled boxer puppy, opens her first-ever (and first of many) Christmas gift! read more here)

My Dog's Guide to Unwrapping Champagne

In case you need help unwrapping your gifts this holiday season, my dog  is always there to lend a helping paw. :)  ...more
Very cute!more

Fa La La La La – La La La – La!

Sylver You want to be the most giving parent possible.You refuse to be a parental Scrooge at Christmastime....more

Holiday Gifts: Things People Need Done

At a time of year when everyone is focused on "things," it's important to remember that often the gift of your time and skills or simply arranging to take care of something that needs to be done, makes the the best Christmas present. These aren't sexy or glamorous but we're sure the recipient will appreciate them.Help clean something out. Through our organizing business, Simple Moves, we've found two of the hardest places for people to tackle are closets and garages. We have a 4-step strategy:...more