Spoiled poochie woman

Precious, the spoiled boxer puppy, opens her first-ever (and first of many) Christmas gift!http://youtu.be/RNposNjMOv8(And read more here)http://thebaboo.com...more

My Dog's Guide to Unwrapping Champagne

In case you need help unwrapping your gifts this holiday season, my dog  is always there to lend a helping paw. :)  ...more
Very cute!more

Fa La La La La – La La La – La!

Sylver BlaqueSylverBlaque.wordpress.com You want to be the most giving parent possible.You refuse to be a parental Scrooge at Christmastime....more

Holiday Gifts: Things People Need Done

At a time of year when everyone is focused on "things," it's important to remember that often the gift of your time and skills or simply arranging to take care of something that needs to be done, makes the the best Christmas present. These aren't sexy or glamorous but we're sure the recipient will appreciate them.Help clean something out. Through our organizing business, Simple Moves, we've found two of the hardest places for people to tackle are closets and garages. We have a 4-step strategy:...more

Holiday Gift Guide for Runners

Need some help choosing the perfect gift for the runner in your life?No worries!  I'm here to help with my own Top 10 Gift Ideas that will earn you some serious brownie points!1.  Garmin Forerunner 305 ...more

Thank You Xavier Roberts

Each year we hear about the must-have toys and gadgets of the season. It’s hard not to think of one of the first Christmas gifts I remember: my Cabbage Patch doll. Her official name was Zia Terri. I changed her name to Tina Marie. Good ol’ Tina with her bright yellow track suit, brown yarn braids, chocolate skin and funny belly button. She smelled great too – remember that?...more

Handmade Christmas

Diannebug  Since I am broke as a joke this Christmas, I have had to get a bit creative as far as gift giving goes. I've been trying to think of each person I have to buy for, and really thinkg about what would make them happy to receive.My FIL loves taking pictures and he loves the smokies. This year I'm taking some of his favorite photos and turning them into coasters. Below is an example of what I did for the hubs' coasters....more

The Greatest Gift

Dear Delilah,Last Christmas, I was exhausted. I was adjusting to life with a newborn and getting over the last hump of recovering from your birth. I was operating on very little sleep, although on Christmas Eve, you granted us a glorious 7 hour stretch of uninterrupted sleep! Of course, that meant that I woke up in a puddle of milk, but still, I was grateful for the rest.You had started smiling "real smiles" a couple weeks before Christmas, but only at your daddy....more

Grown-up Chocolate Hazelnut Spread (Nutella)

As I typed the title of this post, it struck me that it could just as well be called “The Season (for) Forgiving” and would be equally apt, considering the usual stresses/regrets/insecurities/excesses that accompany this time of year. But that’s a negative way of looking at things, and who needs Negativity in the week leading up to Christmas?...more

Stumped on what to give this year? Try these ideas.

Ah, holiday shopping. Whether you have 10 people to buy for, or one, it’s never quite as easy as you expect it to be. For all the items that are plug and play on your Amazon list or in and out of the store, there are just as many that leave you clueless, running around town from store to store, begging your mom or sister for more ideas as each idea becomes a bust....more