Making Christmas Gifts With Pictures

Finding suitable Christmas gifts for all of our family members is always a challenge. A few years ago my husband and I decided to try putting together calendars and albums with pictures of the boys to give as gifts to the grandparents, aunts and uncles. It was a success, and now it is our staple gift every year for family. Now that the boys are a little older we involve them in the picture projects with us....more

Great Gifts Less Than $10 for Tweens

Yikes! Holiday is almost here and I'm not done shopping. Time to pull out the cheat sheet. In my day job, I spend the year hunting for the best gifts for kids in each grade, from preschool through high school. This year, we decided to pick the best gifts that cost under $10. If you're feeling thrifty this season, check it out. Here are three great picks for tweens that will only set you back a ten-note or less: ...more

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Thanks for the comments! Agreed. Shopping for kids this age can be scary. ...more

How To Get Expensive Gifts For Next to Nothing.

With money tight for almost everyone this year, here’s a tip that just might help everybody get all the expensive books, CD’s, video games, and DVD’s they want. And you won’t have to spend much if anything at all to do it. Have a gift exchange. Instead of buying those expensive presents, get together with friends and family and do an exchange. Here’s the hitch, all the items must be used. If you do buy something, it has to be used as well. ...more

Green Stocking Stuffers: From Small Green Companies

Whose eyes don’t light up at the sight of a stuffed stocking on Christmas morning? So this year, why not power that delight with green, eco-friendly gifts that are sure to bring smiles of glee. There are many small green items from small eco-business that need our support this holiday season. I’ll play Santa and suggest my Green stocking stuffer list for all ages:   ...more

Creating Christmas Memories on a Shoestring

When your budget’s already squeezed to the limit just how do make Christmas special for the little ones? It just may be easier than you think. Truth is you don’t really have to spend a lot of money to give your kids Christmas memories they’ll never forget. ...more

Last year was my first holiday season as a divorced mom.  And New Year's was definitely one ...more

Homemade Pet Gifts

Today’s tips have literally gone to the dogs. And well, cats too. Our pets are a big part of our families and touch us in ways we never imagined. They lift our spirits when we’re down, they keep secrets that you wouldn’t dare tell anyone else, and they simply make life more enjoyable. ...more

Spend Under $100.00 and Give the Gift for a Lifetime

We rounded the corner of Target in search of a green floodlight, my husband's answer to easy outdoor holiday lighting. Instead, we were head on facing the aisle endcap display of a box set of not one, not two, but EIGHT Disney Princess Barbies. All shiny, scantilly-clad PVC- and pthalate-laden plastic glory via China. A real bargain at $69.99, I tell you. I cringed. ...more

Seven Days of Christmas

Money is tight, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do something extra special for your partner over the holidays. These tips cost next to nothing and just may help rekindle the old flame if you’ve let it burn down a little. And the little surprises you start at Christmas can easily be carried into the New Year. Day 1 I Love You ...more

All I want for Christmas

I have this notebook, you see (one of a gazillion because I like lists and such), and in it are ideas for gifts.  Our closest family and friends are in there, as well as some random gift ideas I thought would be cool for anyone.  And, starting right after my birthday at the end of August I begin deciding who will get what for CHRISTMAS.  Last year, I actually handmade every. single. gift.  And, it took me every day up until December 25th to finish them all.  Then, there was Christmas.  And, as I handed out the gifts that I had poured my heart and soul into ...more

You are wonder woman and I'm sorry you didn't get quite the reception you deserved.

Every ...more

Simple Holiday Gifts Kids Can Make (and Give!)

When I was a little girl, my mother faithfully included my brother and me in the holiday giving by having us make something for our grandparents. Often, these gifts were handmade Christmas ornaments. Some years, they were lovely. Some years, they were hideous. Every year, they seemed to involve glitter (was my mother a glutton for punishment?) But it demonstrated an important lesson to me--kids are part of the family, too. And, more importantly, Christmas giving is more important that just Christmas getting. It's easy for kids to lose sight of that. ...more

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