Potatos Cured Our Cough during the Holidays

Hello everyone, how are you this Holiday Season! You know the worst thing that can happen, is to get sick when traveling, during the holidays! Sometimes, traveling around all those people spreads germs faster than you can run.  Since I am getting on a plane in the morning, I thought I would share my potato cure with those of you who also might be traveling! My youngest son was always sick when he was small ~ he has asthma, and his colds would always turn into pneumonia.  We must have spent 100 nights in the children’s emergency room....more

Gluten-Free Holiday Staples: From Homemade Fudge to Pantry Essentials

Living gluten-free does not mean we won’t be able to create festive gluten-free dishes and treats for the holidays. With the gluten free products listed here–some “mainstream” and some made specifically for a gluten-free diet–we can make many familiar holiday recipes everyone can enjoy. Of course, keep in mind, just because a product is gluten-free doesn’t mean it is healthy or nutritious. Image: Courtesy of Gluten-Free Gigi ...more
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This is so stupid, you can't even call it a blog!

Every year around this time, I get an email from my mother with a link to a video that she made for all to enjoy. It usually features her as the lead elf in a series of choreographed dance moves that joyfully bob and weave in perfect sync with the most obnoxious holiday music you've ever laid yourears on (as I would imagine that all elves do). And as asinine as it may sound, these ridiculous homemade Elf videos never...more

Twas The Day After Christmas

I'm so excited! I've been plugging away on my twelve days of Christmas stories when this one popped out of my head. I just had to share it. I couldn't sit on it until the 14th. I'm much the same way with presents, which is why it's hard for me to shop early. My husband usually gets all his presents before Christmas because I can't wait and then I have to go back out and shop again so he has something to open Christmas morning. So without further ado, my remake of a Christmas classic just in time for Throwback Thursday, 'Twas The Day after Christmas....more


     What is your favorite holiday, Christmas cookie? One of my favorite cookies is the gingersnap. My grandfather introduced me to the spicy gingersnap cookie as a child. You could dunk your gingersnap in your glass of milk or coffee, or add it to a bowl of vanilla ice cream to soften it before taking a bite. Early as a child, I had to periodically stop eating gingersnaps as my teeth loosened....more

To Lie or Not to Lie - The Santa Dilemma

I grew up in a house where there was absolutely nothing and no one worse than a liar.  Every crime is substantially worsened by the commitment of a lie to hide your responsibility....more

Please Christmas, Don't be late!

I'm that guy!  You know the one...  Halloween decorations up by mid-September; and a bold holiday mix of red and green lighting up the front porch before the last witch rides off on her broom..."Why wait?" I ask my husband, while pointing to another corner of the attic.  "Don't forget Frosty!"He pacifies me; disguising his lack of enthusiasm as confusion, and takes a deep breath...  "Is that everything?"...more

Gifts Under $200 for Christmas 2013

 Gifts Under $200 for Christmas 2013Christmas will be here soon!  Finding the perfect gift for those that you love can be a challenge.  We have worked all year to put together the perfect list of gadgets under $200 that friends and family are sure to love.  Sit back, relax and start your Christmas shopping.Warm Regards,...more
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