Say Yes to the Annual Christmas Letter!

Write a holiday letter. I know, I know, maybe it isn’t your thing. But this life is flying by so fast and a holiday letter will do two things (even if you don’t send it!) –...more

Donate Life

I just wrote our family Christmas letter. This year has been a amazing year for our family. Someone donated a kidney and pancreas to my husband. The last few years have been so hard for our family and we have struggled with Chronic illness,kidney disease and dialysis.What a incredible feeling to write a joyful, happy Christmas letter this year. The last few years my blog has been a rather depressing place chroniciling the wait, sickness and struggle. It has been so much fun to write happy things this year....more

Is Daily Blogging Killing My Christmas Letter?

I know I am a procrastinator; I always put things off that can wait till tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, instead of doing them ahead of time. Case in point, my daughter's poodle skirt that she wants to wear to a party THIS Saturday is still in it's most basic form....the fabric and pattern are still in the store bag....more
@The Midlife Second Wife Sounds good to me.more

Yea! My Family Christmas Letter from 1998

This is the family Christmas letter that I published for 1998 . You can see that not much has changed in nearly 9 years. Special note of thanks to my step-mother for finding this, as I had completely forgot about it, so if you have any problems or trauma associated with this letter, blame her. Ernest S. B. Boston ...more

The Annual Christmas Letter

To write or not to write! The annual, end-of-year, sum it all up, this is how we are doing, letter. You throw it in with the Christmas card or it's a Christmas card unto itself. I've seen many versions and have written many types myself.  I like them as I get caught up from people I haven't seen in awhile. You know, girlfriends from college, friends who have moved, relatives who live faraway and even friends who live in the same town you are too busy to see!  We have friends who are so busy with their children that they send out a Valentine Day letters and one sent out a Christmas in July family letter!...more

We should look for a website that does something creative with those old cards. We have an ...more