Why I'm a fan of the Christmas letters...

Some people are annoyed by the annual Christmas news letter, the one that lists all the apparently awesome things that happened to that family this year...the "my Billy excelled at Harvard" or, "my little Amanda took number one in the fire eating contest..." OK, I never got a Christmas letter that started out like that but fire eating contest!...more
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Christmas Letters - Holy Cow, again.

It's the time for Christmas letters again.  Those wonderful notes stuffed inside cards that let you know how incredibly well everyone is doing.  How smart their kids are.  Did you know they all got accepted to Ivy league schools? Oh and the dog was accepted along with them.  We traded our sailboat in for a 12 man Catamaran, you should come sailing with us if you ever get up to the Hampton's.  Did we  forget to tell you Sally went to the Olympics and was voted bluest eyes....more

Dousing My Bonfire of the Vanities: The Omnipotent Christmas Letter Crucible

If I were turning this post into a lecture, I would first begin with... “The History of Unfounded Expectations and How The Family Christmas Letter Came to Be.”...more
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Please Don't Make Fun Of Holiday Newsletters.

I love the newsletters that come in the mail this time of year and I don’t understand how they ever got to be the butt of sitcom jokes. I was worried that email and websites might slow the flow of information that comes inside Christmas mailers once a year, but so far so good.  They’re arriving on schedule and to me they’re irreplaceable. ...more

Anita Garner

With all that formatting and special stationery, etc, your newsletter is ...more