Christmas Lights Obsession: A Mom Doing A Dad's Job

As special as opening a new box of crayons.I did it again. I, put up the Christmas lights on the house....more

Flip side of the day

Once again, the morning reminded me why I am retiring.Suffice it to say I won’t be teary-eyed about leaving the local transportation systems and some of the riders on it.Coming home was a different story.While we were down at Undisclosed over the weekend, my neighborhood was busy.Below are a few new shots of Christmas light shots I took while coming home off the bus.Enjoy!...more

Upcycled Wine Bottles Do you have empty bottles? Wine? Beer? Liquor? Let's make 'em pretty!I used large lights and plan to do more with smaller lights too!Just make a lead from the plug to wall end...enough to give you length from the bottle (and wherever you're placing it) to the wall outlet. Then start feeding the string lights in....move to the next bottle and so on...I love the glow if these blue LED's! Perfect mood lighting for our bar!...more

Holiday Light Displays - Let's Check out the Home Alone House

"You don't stop having fun because you get old, you get old because you stop having fun."- Unknown  The Windy City is a Winter Wonderland.In December, Chicago pulls out the stops - it's  hard to pick where to go, what to do, and which traditions to stick with....more

Mosquitoes in December and more excuses...

It was now or never. If I didn't get the outside Christmas lights up this weekend, I knew I wasn't going to bother. It was warm (record high for our city), I had better things to do, and it was a mere three weeks until Christmas. I had not maximized the use of my Christmas decor. That was certain. I was definitely not in the Christmas spirit. But I went outside to sweep the windows and their surroundings in preparation (cobwebs, not icicles, here in dear old Florida), and found wasp nests, mud daubers, and, of all things, mosquitoes swarming.It's December. In Florida....more

Holiday Bokeh Photography: 3 Easy Techniques

Want holiday photos as magical as your holiday memories? This year, take some holiday bokeh photos. Bokeh is a photography term that refers to intentional blur in parts of a photo, such as when the background is blurred while the subject is in focus. When combined with holiday settings, especially lights, bokeh becomes especially pretty - bright dots of color or light turn an ordinary snapshot into a gorgeous photo. If you have a dSLR, taking a photo with holiday bokeh is actually pretty simple. Keep reading for three ways to get that beautiful blur....more
Play around with putting the focus behind the should be able to blur them out ...more

Christmas Lights for Virginia

On Saturday, December 22, 2012, Virginia, BlogHer's HomeRearedChef, wrote a great post titled, "Might Your Neighbor Have Too Many Christmas Lights?" When I read it, an image of our neighbor down the street immediately popped into my head....more
The electric bill must be their own personal Halloween!more

Let Your Light Shine

After the welcome and opening prayers, our minister always has a "children's time" as part of the service. He invites all of the children down to the front of the church and shares a short story or lesson that is at a level they can understand. He often uses a prop to grab their attention and hold their interest. Their responses and commentary throughout are often funny, and always adorable.   ...more

Careful How You Hang Those Christmas Lights

In the South, you can always tell that Christmas is getting closer simply by the noticing the amount of Christmas lights on people’s homes that are actually turned ON, not just the ones that are usually left hanging on the house year round.My husband and I were taking the kids and my in-laws to Lake Lanier Islands to see the “Night of Lights”, where you drive in your car, turn your radio to a certain station to hear coordinated Christmas songs, and watch the amazing light display that Lake Lanier is famous for....more

Poinsettia Holiday Garland DIY

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas... and I couldn't be happier. A while back, I came across Oh Happy Day's DIY for flower garland using cupcake wrappers and string lights, and decided that I would give it a Christmas spin. This is such a fun and easy project -- definitely one you can do while catching up on TV or just relaxing to some holiday jams. (I'm quite partial to this one.)...more
@sarahlp Thanks for sharing such a cute tutorial on our site!more