Best Intentions

It was in the 50's today and I decided that it would be a good idea to take down the Christmas lights while we still had a chance before bad weather strikes again. We're expecting pretty bad storms and then a drop back into the 30's tomorrow. This plan would have gone over better if our whole family wasn't sick....more

We’re Going to Be on HGTV!

Every year, the dads in our neighborhood team up and help each other hang Christmas lights. The moms provide beer at each stop and then we all meet up at the end for more spirits and pizza. One year, we left early to go to another commitment and our dear neighbors took it upon themselves to add some more "cheer" to our home... Hello Neighbors! You may have noticed a lot of commotion in front of our house last night — the crew from Martha Stewart’s new TV show were filming right here on our quiet street!...more

Wish I could take all the credit, but that goes to my mischievous neighbors!

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light me up

putting up a few decorations and checking the lights hubby decided duncan would be pretty all lit up.  He was none to happy and as fate would have it this was the only shot I...more

Over The Meadow And Through The Woods

In this story I am the grandmother and it’s my house that’s in the woods.  But that wasn’t where I headed for Thanksgiving.  I drove away from my northern California redwood forest, as I often do, to spend Thanksgiving in the city with my daughter and granddaughter.   ...more

Christmas is too far away.

Last month a local radio station played Christmas music and called it “Christmas In July.”  I was right there, singing along.  Our local American Cancer Society Discovery Shop also declared it was “Christmas In July” and devoted half of the store to decorations, special china, the works. I browsed but didn’t buy. Now that it’s August, Christmas still seems too far away.   I could use a little Christmas right now. ...more

Anita Garner

Ah yes, back to school, Halloween and all manner of other events before ...more


 For the record: we live in a fairly nice, new-ish house in a fairly nice, new-ish neighborhood in our town.  It's not anything fancy, but it's brick and four-bedroom, with a nice big backyard for the kids and dogs.  People in our neighborhood generally keep their yards mowed, trash put away, and dogs on leashes.  We have speed "humps", as the street signs designate them (that's a-whole-nother can of worms that I'll get to some other time) and a small park.  It's not Mansion-Ville, but neither is it ghetto-ville.  It's on the fairly nice, new-ish side of average.  ...more