A Christmas List Printable to Help You Scale Back

Every year I tell myself that "this year I will not go overboard on Christmas gifts!" Last year, because we had spent so much money on our Epic Vacation, I was really serious. But apparently not serious enough, because come Christmas morning, the tree was overflowing with gifts. I just love Christmas and buying Christmas gifts for my children so dang much that I can't help myself! But even little things add up, and before I know it, I'm completely over budget. ...more
OooOOOOooooOOOOOOO!!! *prints*more

What Moms Really, Really Want For Christmas

I can't really comprehend why men think buying gifts for women is such a mystery. Well, I got close to clarity once when I heard a husband say, "But why would you want more earrings? You already have so many!" It's an utter lack of the ability to understand what gives women pleasure, what makes them feel loved. So I'm here to help! Why try to drop hints -- which most men are simply biologically too unsubtle to capture -- when you can email a link?...more
Boy - you hit the nail on the head! And victorias_view, you just cracked me up because that's ...more

Dear Santa

Dear Santa, by R "Mommy, " R asked, pretty much the moment we got home after Thanksgiving. Really, our bags weren't even unpacked.  "Mommy, NOW can we write our Christmas lists for Santa?"  When I said yes she went dancing off kicking up her feet to find a marker and pen.  "OK, Mommy, you write, I'll say."And here is what my 5 year old said:1)  A Bumblebee Costume...more

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa, I have tried to be a really good girl this year. I have been reading to the boys (almost) every night, not fighting with DH (trying my hardest), and (hired a cleaning woman who is) keeping the house clean. Here is my list: (for more check out How Mommy Got Her Groove Back) ...more