Christmas at Aunt Agnes' house

MMMMM, smell ! It hits you when you walk in the door! H.A.M.... Glorious Ham! Just like Christmas at Aunt Agnes' House! As a child growing up in the rural south, food played a major roll in my life.  One of my fondest memories was going to visit my Aunt Agnes, she loved us children, all of us! And she was a wonderful cook. Her ham was legendary. Slow cooked all night long under her watchful eye, you knew when you walked in the front door ,that you were in for a treat!I finally learned how to make this ham, and now I am going to feast!  ...more

Memories of Christmas's Past

Daily Prompt: Memories of Holidays Past by Krista on December 16, 2013What is your very favorite holiday? Recount the specific memory or memories that have made that holiday special to you.~~~~~~~~...more

Sounds of the Season

Where I live, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving or Halloween (although some people are trying to make it an event), so there aren’t demarcations between those celebrations and Christmas. We do, however, have an Independence holiday on the first day of November - and the day after that, the radio station that I listen to all day began to play Christmas music....more

A Sleighfull of Fuzzy Polaroids and Magic Moments

Cathy Cantu - The Frazzled        At Christmas my nostalgia rises like the aroma of snickerdoodles wafting through the kitchen.  Of course that would be the “slice-n-bake” kind rather than homemade because, instead of Martha Stewart, I’m more like Peg Bundy minus the stilettos....more

Childhood Christmas Memories, revisited

As I was sipping a cup of Silk Road's "Spicy Mandarin" tea, I realized that my memories of Christmas past and dreams of Christmases present and future are inextricably linked to the scents and flavours of the holiday season. ...more

The Ghost of Christmas Past: memories of Momma once again

I have so much to be grateful for this Christmas. Wow! God has really opened the doors of heaven and showered SO many blessings on me, I just cannot tell it all. I know that. I know I'm blessed. I know that God has been good to me and my family. I'm grateful... so, so grateful. But I still miss my Angel. I have the best Christmas memories. I can remember waking up on Christmas morning, and going to my Momma's room to get my presents. I can remember how bright everything was. The lights were the kind that had movement. They were as bright as neon. ...more

The Single Ornament and the Little Tree

I was 44 when I celebrated my very first Christmas.  I prodded on with no idea of what I was doing.  My boss, at the time, presented me my very first ornament.  I still have it to this day; a lovely bell with pretty green and red ribbon.  I was very pleased.  I took it home and hung it on a plant; admired it and thought I was pretty darn cool.  Of course, I knew the obvious, presents were involved.  I went out and bought gifts for my daughter and her family and shipped the packages all off to Virginia.  I think I had more fun choosing and wrapping...more
 @sarahmichal  We sure did have fun, didn't we?  Slopping through life together trying to figure ...more

Christmas Cards: Red Pen and Pentimento

There is an unusual term employed in art history, to describe the action of the years and their peculiar effect on the canvases of paintings: pentimento....more

Evergreen: Our Memories Never Fade

Sunday night on 60 minutes, Cece saw a piece about people who had fantastic memories.  The piece was called “The Gift of Endless Memory.” The show detailed how several people could remember things that happened any day or any year that they had been alive.  They said that they saw it in a picture in their mind. These were people with normal intelligence and were not considered savants.  One was the actress Mary Lou Henner....more

Christmas Music Memories

Music has always been an important part of my life. To this day, I can’t do much of anything without music in the background. I remember my dad introducing me to different styles of music at a young age. He always seemed to have a story to go along with the songs he played, which may explain why I relate a lot of my memories to music....more

because I play the same Christmas CD over and over--the Bells of Dublin by the Chieftains. I ...more