A Christmas Miracle

being the true story of a Christmas Miracle, for Megan and other foodies at the 'rents for the holidays, with apologies to everyone else......more

Life is What Happens When You’re Busy Making Plans

After falling ass backwards into marriage with a wonderful man, really more than I could have ever asked for in a person to love me, 5 years later I was getting a little worried. I wasn’t worried about the marriage; it was rock solid with the exception of one not so small issue. I had always known what I wanted in life. There was no time frame on any of it but I knew, in my heart, that I would be married with children and successful at whatever I chose to pursue. Yes, my self-confidence runneth over. One small problem, I met the man of my dreams when I was least expecting it....more

This is such a sweet story and I'm so glad you got the best Christmas present of all. Just wait ...more

Eva's Journey - Second Chances and Lessons Learned

This is a story of a Christmas miracle that happened a year ago today.This is a story of how some encounters are simply meant to be.This is a story of the perseverance of the feline spirit. This is Eva’s story. Guest post by Renee L. Austin ...more