10 Christmas Ornaments You Can Make

Christmas makes me feel crafty. I love making Christmas ornaments. It makes me happy to see homemade ornaments I make every year when I hang them on my tree. They are also some of my favorite things to make for gifts, knowing that my friends can have the same happy feeling when they put them on their own trees. Here are 10 homemade Christmas ornaments that I'd like to make this year. ...more

10 Fun Christmas Ornaments Kids Can Make

In my experience making Christmas ornaments with kids involves patience, a good sense of humor and the grim acceptance that you will be finding random pieces of glitter right up until your children are in college. It also means giggles, big smiles and moments you'll remember every year when you put those decorations on your Christmas tree. We've collected 10 ornaments you can make with children this holiday season. ...more
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Baby Safe DIY Christmas Ornaments

We Painted || DIY Christmas Ornaments for Toddlers I can feel Christmas is the air!  I'm so excited for the holidays this year and everyday it's getting more and more festive around here.  On Sunday, I went to church solo while my hubby stayed home with Olivia.  When I got back, I found that he had made Christmas ornaments with her!...more

Wanted! Homemade Christmas Ornaments for Children and Kids

Time to gather ideas for Homemade Christmas Ornaments for Children and Kids. Offered by Muddy Monkeys, this Linky is for sharing with your own community! So add your own homemade ornament and then pass on the list :-) ...more

Jar Lids and Rings! Jar Lids and Rings! Oh my!!

  Well, I can't really explain what it is that comes over me, but suddenly I will get an idea and it just takes me over completely.  One day I started thinking about chicken wire and I went on a rampage making all kinds of things out of chicken wire.  One day it was doilies, one day angels with wooden bead heads.  I can't figure it, but it is fun....more

Lilacs, Christmas Ornaments and Maddening Gray Days

Spray of LilacMy lilacs are in peak bloom this week....more
 @Kraken The ornaments are really lovely. They look perfect with everything where it should be. ...more

Check Out My Charlie Brown Christmas Tree!!

 I made a Charlie Brown tree from scratch and I am so happy with the result! Check it out here! ...more

Too bad our crafty kids aren't here, I'd put them to work making one for us.

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Christmas Decorating Lite

Not to sound grumpy, but I am just a little tired of doing ALL the Christmas decorating. In truth, I set myself up for this predicament. In general I consider myself a careful person. I'm the type who holds a precious ornament in one hand while my other hand rests underneath for safekeeping. So, it goes without saying that I have a set of rules for decorating. More than once my husband has called me a grinch about my decorating habits. ...more


I love unique ornaments and especially love to give them and receive them as gifts. Some can even be used year round as part of your decor. My favorites would have to be the hand-made, glass ornaments. Like these. ...more