Egg Nog Induced Rants

I love when my husband gets drunk. It doesn’t happen all that often but when it does, hilarity usually ensues. When he’s in a good mood and he gets a little tipsy he gets philosophical but this time he went off on a rant so funny that I HAD to turn it into a blog post....more

Ho-Ho-Holiday Parties

This time of year gets so busy.  There’s shopping to do, decorating to be done and lots of parties to attend. At least there used to be lots of parties.  As our group all married and many began families, the parties dwindled a bit due to other responsibilities.  Not to mention the drive to the ‘burbs; adding an hour to the evening for a party commute is hard for many. Still, Hubby and I always had two parties we could count on: his office party and my office party.  It was fun to know that we had at least two reasons to get dressed up....more

A new trend - The Ugly Sweater Party

Here's a new holiday trend I heard about several years ago that is gaining popularity around the country. The ugly sweater party. Invitations are sent and you are to wear the ugliest sweater, Christmas sweater or sweatshirt you can find.  I  found one website devoted entirely to one party held in 2008. And continuing on your web search you can find how to throw a ugly sweater party, how to buy ugly sweaters online, and tips on where to find ugly sweaters. You can orchestrate your party any way you want like awarding prizes to different categories of gawdy....more

Mom, for once, keep your opinions on God to yourself

Attended a Christmas party this weekend where the issue of raising daughters and God came up. ...more