The Neighborhood Christmas Party: 5 Ways It's Different In Your 50's Than In Your 30's.

 We've either been attending or hosting the annual Christmas party in our neighborhood for almost 20 years now. Here are 5 ways it is different now that we are in our 50's:...more


Every have a weekend where you know work will be quieter than your weekend? This is that weekend. We are going down the house to drop things over for workmen so they can install them while they are working.The weather is due to sour on Saturday, which is why we are coming up for Jim’s Christmas party from work Saturday night.Sunday finds us off to Lancaster. **Whew** Is it Monday yet? ...more

Throwing An Adult Holiday Party....With Kids

We've all been there.  You're getting ready to throw a get together with friends or party at your house.  Maybe you don't have family to rely on nearby to take the kids to.  Maybe you have numerous adult attendees who don't have reliable childcare and would like to bring their children.  Maybe it's just easier to keep the kiddos at your house and not hassle with shuttling them around. ...more

Theres always time for lipstick

My annual holiday party is tomorrow.  And thank God I am ready.  Bring it!  I started decorating right after thanksgiving.  I cleaned the kitchen a couple of days ago and have just been on super clean up duty behind myself for the past couple of days.  My roommate has been doing the same.  It feels good not to really have anything to do.  I mean, I woke up this morning and vacuumed my bedroom and scrubbed my bathroom.  But the hou...more

Are You Ready for Christmas Quiz

Take this test to find out if you’re ready for Christmas- A fun icebreaker game for your family Christmas party          ...more