Mint Chocolate Lip Balm

A different recipe today...not one you can eat but a perfect homemade gift for the holidays!Ingredients:Petroleum jellySmall metal tinCocoaPeppermint extract or essential oilDirections:...more

My Christmas gift: A conversation with God.

TheSecondAct Generation after generation, you watched as man did all he could to be right with you.  Cultures all over the world have engaged in sacrifice to make atonement for their sinful humanity.  Your people were no different and you provided a sacrificial system to allow them the same…and this was only a shadow of the wonder to come.  But their sacrifices were but a temporary solution to an eternal problem….that someday we would stand before you to give an account of our life.  All the sacrifices i...more

Is Santa the Best Marketer of All Time?

Is Santa the best marketer ever? Think about it:...more