The Christmas Present Pile-Up: How Do You Avoid Buying Too Much?

I have always been of the idea that Christmas should be an over-indulgent, gaudy, extravagant holiday. What can I say? I love to give. ...more
I think what is much more important than gifts are the traditions you create as a family to give ...more

Holiday Gifting and Me-Gifting Ideas

How Much Should You Spend on Christmas?

Black Friday is less than a week away, and if you're planning a big shopping day, you may be wondering just how much you should spend this year on Christmas gifts....more

I'm Rich Grinch

I have an alter ego that surfaces every year around this time as I get frustrated, overtaxed, and worked up with this tradition of ‘buying presents’ for Christmas. Her name is Greta Grinch... and she makes me ponder ...  Who started this whole gift exchange thing during Christmas?...more

Waiting and Willpower Not My Strong Suit

I'm a kid at heart, and nothing brings that out in me as much as the holidays. I don't like surprises and have no willpower, so it should not come as a shock that waiting until Christmas day to open presents is difficult for me....more
I only wish I had patience. I do like surprises, just not the waiting. Something I definitely ...more

There's No Better Time Than The PRESENT...

I really had a MILLION things to do; a house to clean, clothes to fold and Christmas presents to wrap.  I was also babysitting Parker Ann.  I'm wasn't sure I could put another thing on my plate for the day, when I suddenly heard my own voice telling my mother that I would be coming out to her house today to make her "Homemade Chex Party Mix'...with a baby in tow! ...more

For Kids, There Is Definitely An "I" in Christmas

There is no debating it - most kids have an "I want it all" approach to Christmas and Chanukah. But we can't blame the little suckers. ...more

Who Doesn't Love a Gag Gift

I've been doing a lot of on-line Christmas shopping.  It's become something of an obsession.  I can stay on my cozy sofa wrapped up in a blanket wearing jammies and still participate in the commercial well-being of society.  Win win.  This is all made worse by the fact that I've ben sending all of my packages to Red Sox Girl who lives in America to save on shipping.  As a result, I really have no sense of what or how much I've bought....more
@Jane Miller LOL! I think it says oilers! I will have to look the next time I'm about...But how ...more

The Blanket: An Unexpected Gift

Starting Fresh When I was 12, our family picked up and moved from South Central Texas to the Texas Panhandle. It had been a rough year or so for my parents. Exactly how rough it had been I'll never know, but I knew enough to know we were starting over. For my mom, the move meant going back home to family. ...more

stand out in my mind are the year of the Cabbage Patch Dolls and the year that my family lived ...more

Home for the Holidays

Oh, the holidays! Fa la la la la. Such fun, so festive, a time of celebration! Or, as it’s known in my world, HOLY SHIT ARE THERE REALLY ONLY 10 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS???????  The fact that the past year has been a complete blur isn’t really surprising to me. However, the fact that we’re 18 days away from the New Year is shocking. Where has all the time gone? And now it’s the holidays! Do I have a tree? Nope. Gifts purchased? About 5 percent of what I need to get. Holiday plans? Not-a-one, unless “sleep until noon every day” counts. ...more