10 Christmas Stocking Crafts

The first Christmas my husband and I spent together we bought new stockings. Neither of us had one and we had a fireplace mantle that was simply begging for some stockings. I'm glad that we bought those stockings and we still use them, but part of me really wishes I'd made us stockings. That wish intensified after finding these fabulous stockings that bloggers have made. ...more

It's Beginning To Look a Bit Like Christmas

I've been working on this project for quite a while.  It was hard for me to choose the perfect ...more

One Really Big Sock

I've mentioned that I wanted to make a Christmas stocking for the baby, and I thought I had enough progress to show you guys what I have done so far.  I chose the ...more
So pretty!  And thrummed mittens are soooooo warm - she'll love them.more

What's in a Christmas Stocking?

I learned something really important this week about blogging and I'm going to share this knowledge with you. Ready... Just because you have a lot to say about something doesn't mean the blog post will be easy to write. Having a lot to say about something can make it pretty darn difficult to blog. My difficult topic of the day: Christmas stockings. That's right. I'm having one heck of a time writing a post about the Christmas stockings I've known and loved. I have too much to say and not enough time or space. Forgive me if I muddle it all up and let me just start at the beginning. ...more
@Allison Cook lol They were pretty "cool" back then, weren't they? Now the "little kids" act ...more