Three Things Moms Do To Mess Up Christmas

It's coming quickly. Does that thought cause a knot in your stomach?Like a train barreling down a track, Christmas is on the way.Can you feel it?When I was a kid, Christmas was a dreamy time. Visions of fulfilled dreams and new beginnings buoyed my spirits and lifted everyone's mood.As a mom, I want to dream those same dreams. Problem? Other people are depending on YOU to make their dreams happen...more
Merry Christmas!!! <a href=>JingleBells ...more

Twelve Days of Life After Normal

In the spirit of the holiday season – and overwhelmed by the insanity that always seems to accompany it – I decided to reflect on my week. (Singing is optional, but highly recommended). Happy holidays! On the 12 days of Christmas, my crazy Life After Normal gave to me: 12 new work assignments 11 gifts to wrap 10 dollars left 9 cards to mail 8 “A Christmas Story”s 7 skipped workouts 6 vegan cookies 5 boozy drinks ** 4 o’clock massage 3 burnt out candles 2 crazy cats ...more

Over-Commitment This Holiday - Sounds Like Something You Do?

Are you starting to over-commit yourself already this holiday season? Are you secretly dreading the holidays and can’t wait till they’re over because of all the work that’s in store for you? Then maybe you are over-committing yourself. ...more

I totally agree. I used to home make everything around Christmas. I think I thought I was saving ...more

Christmas Unplugged

Yes, I have unplugged Christmas this year Gone are the days of yore when I used to coordinate 150 angels, sheep, and shepherds in the church nativity pageant on Christmas Eve, come home and serve 15 people Christmas Eve dinner, do my Santa thing, and turn around the next day and have 25 seated for Christmas Dinner - all with very little help from my work-a-holic husband. (Remind me one day to tell you the story about the year he went to bed and "forgot" to get out the Santa gifts ...more