Who's Afraid of The Elf on the Shelf?

One of my least favorite holiday traditions has to be the Elf on the Shelf.  I have friends who love it!  They scour Pinterest for the latest and greatest antics for their elf.  Or they are creative enough to come up with their own tomfoolery (yes, I just used that word.)  But frankly, the elf scares me.  Have you looked at it?  I mean looked deep into its eyes?  At first glance, the elf looks like a cute, vintage Kewpie doll.  But if you get in there and look, it starts to take on more of the appearance of the clown in Poltergeist.  Lik...more

Christmas traditions we do NOT follow.

With the holiday season in full-swing now, my Facebook feed and Pinterest boards are full to overflowing with people sharing their holiday traditions.  While we have some of our own, there are some that I can't get onboard with.  Follow along with the traditions I say, "Awww...hellz naw" "No thank you" to. #1 on my hit list...this guy....more

Christmas Countdown with Books

 "When books are opened, you discover you have wings."- Helen Hayes This year, I started a new Christmas tradition with my girls.I’m thinking it’s a keeper.Normally, I box up our holiday books in January and haul them out at the end of November. This year, instead of the ushe - putting them in a bin to read throughout the month of December, my mom suggested a book-centric way to count down Christmas.Beginning December 1st through the 25th, we'll open and read one Christmas book a night....more

Tastes Like Christmas and other Christmas Traditions

Yesterday I wrote a post from Mama Kat’s Losin It’s blog’s writing prompts.  Sorry, there were a lot of possessive adjectives in that sentence…. woah.  Not fixing it, haha and I only care a little bit……..**Yesterday I wrote a post pulled from the writing prompts given on Mama Kat’s Losin It, a blog I’ve been following for a while because of the great prompts she gives.**I feel better now.Ahem....more

Holiday Light Displays - Let's Check out the Home Alone House

"You don't stop having fun because you get old, you get old because you stop having fun."- Unknown  The Windy City is a Winter Wonderland.In December, Chicago pulls out the stops - it's  hard to pick where to go, what to do, and which traditions to stick with....more

Duct Tape & Tin Foil: A Christmas Tradition

It sat there--the final gift under the Christmas tree.  A huge box wrapped in shiny green paper that came up to my hip and much to my excitement had my name on it.  As I reached down to pick it up I was stunned at the heaviness of it. Reading the tag I saw that it was a gift from my grandmother. I remember looking over to her and seeing her smirk. She looked pretty proud of herself. Getting excited I plopped right down on the floor and got ready to open it....more
@Semi True Jen  I miss her every day ! She was so spectacular and I am so grateful to have had ...more

Blessings of Our Christmas Tree Tradition

Like most families we have our Christmas traditions.  For us, the Christmas tree is the first tradition of the season.  We go to the same tree lot every year on the first weekend of December to pick our tree and we decorate it that evening.  It is a special time for us to really...more

Christmas Eve is like a mixed tape in our family.

Candlelight flickered and cast a warm glow inside the old log house. Dinner was long finished and the remnants tucked away for another day. The children were scrubbed clean, cozy in their pyjamas and eagerly awaiting the arrival of St. Nick. A candle burnt too low, stuttered and went out. “Maman, you have to find another candle.” The mother, prepared for this eventuality, placed a fresh candle to join the flickering lights of the others on the Christmas tree.A pine tree. With needles drying by the second. A. TREE. Adorned with open flames....more

Disco Balls and Cabbage... My Kind of Christmas

Non-Traditional Holiday Traditions, Martini-Style So, the three cents I will get in ad revenue will not make up for the $14.00 it cost me to create this post.  That is how important Christmas is to me.  I Freaking LOVE Christmas!  And I'm old, so it's not even because I get presents.  I love the tradition of it, even though no one would disagree that my "traditions" are a bit, um, non-traditional.   ...more