The Evolution of the Family Christmas Tree

Every year my Aunt Kim has a beautiful fresh-cut Christmas tree. Without fail, her tree always looks like something straight out of a Better Homes and Gardens magazine. She comes up with a different theme and a color scheme. Everything coordinates; the lights (usually in elegant white), the ornaments, the tree topper. The ornaments are all perfectly distributed and evenly spaced. It's classy and chic. Perfectly planned. Perfectly executed. A thing of beauty....more

How to Decorate the Perfect Christmas Tree

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Time to trim the tree, decorate the home, and bake some of your family’s favorite holiday goodies! If you're like me, I'm sure you want to make the most of the holiday season and enjoy every minute possible with your family and friends. So let’s get everything decorated now, so we can enjoy the rest of the season!...more

19 steps to a perfectly decorated Christmas tree

This morning I asked my Facebook friends to guess how many feature length films it would take me to decorate my 9-foot pre-light perennially perfect Christmas tree. The guesses ranged between 3.5 and 4, which came pretty close. It appears I’m known for laborious efforts in the Christmas department. You, too, can decorate a tree like me. Just follow these steps:...more

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About The Christmas Tree (INFOGRAPHIC)

Christmas is already behind us and the year is almost over. Some of us remove our Christmas decorations as soon as Christmas is over, but others keep them up until Epiphany. Either way, putting a Christmas tree up at Christmastime dates back several centuries and I thought this could be interesting to know where this all came from and when it all started....more

Christmas Trees, Hookers, and One Creepy Elf

It’s Christmas time. The house is decorated, but we still need a tree.It is late Sunday afternoon and my first challenge is to wake my daughter, who has managed to fall asleep sitting up on the couch. I picked up her snoozing body, she nestles her head in my shoulder as I carry her out to the car. Ava bounces behind, excited and ready to get a tree....more

Holiday Traditions? Check.

I was approached by the lovely ladies at Patience Brewster to write about our holiday traditions.  She makes all of these insanely cute holiday ornaments and such.  Feeling a bit daunted by this task, I sat down to think.  Daunted you ask?  Yes because we have ALL of the traditions....more

How to make a Christmas tree, 15 Unique Christmas trees

For who asking how to make a Christmas tree, i offer the creative ideas to make unique Christmas trees for new year decorations, unique Christmas trees 15 photo ideas to make unique Christmas trees and answering about how to make a Christmas tree with his hands....more

10 Christmas tree safety tips

My friends at Schlage want you to have a safe holiday season. Did you know that Christmas trees can kill? Not by falling on you, but by burning down your house. Between 2006 and 2010, about 230 home fires per year were responded to by U.S. fire departments, killing an average of four people each year and injuring many more....more

Christmas Trees: Creative Symbols of Light and Hope

Christmas trees: We have decorated some of the funniest, oddest looking trees, cut from the wild. Last year the trunk was crooked, which was a source of great amusement to all; that poor tree was the subject of constant jokes for the entire holiday. One year I coerced my husband into drilling a hole in the trunk and wedging one of the lower branches into a huge gaping space, to make the tree look a little less like a Charlie Brown sort of tree. My creative thinking actually redeemed that Christmas tree....more

What's under the Christmas Tree?

  The other day I was sitting around watching a Lifetime movie with my Mother-in-law. This may sound like no big deal, but if you knew me you would know that isn't normal. You see, my Mother-in-law was in town visiting for thanksgiving, I had by chance been scrolling through the channels on tv when I happened to come across a christmasy movie… it just so happens it was on Lifetime. I thought to myself, eh, I don't know?? ...more