What's For Dinner Mum? (12 More Pages Guest Post)

Ahhh... the joys of domestic duties when you have a chronic illness. Sometimes you have to laugh, even if the laughter is hysterical. I'm guest posting on 12 More Pages again this week. Remember to check it out for some great Dysautonomia information. ...more

How To Spot A Sick Chicken.

I'm pretty inured to the whole "you don't look sick" line. It all becomes white noise after a while, though I will admit to often thinking, "well you don't look like a knob either", but I generally have enough tact to keep that to myself. Well sometimes. According to my loving family I occasionally have a bowl of bitchy for breakfast, and my Mother Teresa persona is replaced by a large dose of bitch with a side of cow. Usually this has something to do with a lack of coffee, and really if you speak to me pre-caffeine that's your own fault....more

Thanks Michelle. I'm really not, "so unwell," though. What did I say that gave this ...more

Employment Opportunities for the Gravity Challenged

As of late I have been trying to apply my reduced intellect to the task of ameliorating my financial and career woes. As most of you will know, it has been two years since I had to finish work thanks to Bob. Now whilst many of you would no doubt be ecstatic at the thought of not working for two years, I am well and truly over it. There is this pesky problem of money, which is apparently required for things like mortgages, electricity, food and doctors' golfing fees. ...more

Jackie's Month

Not many people love January. It’s unpredictable, it’s cold, it’s blah. For me, since I found out I had MS, January has been Jackie’s Month.Jacqueline du Pré was born in January 1945 to a musical family, but of all of them, she was special. She was a genius as a cello player, a prodigy. Her passion and unique style raised eyebrows but made classical music cool in the late sixties. Here is Jackie playing Elgar, conducted by Daniel Barenboim, who was her husband. It is magical....more

Do You Have Dementia Yet?

    So the group Alzheimer’s Disease International has released its 2009 World Alzheimer Report, in which it predicts that the number of people suffering from Alzheimer’s and other dementias will double every twenty years for the foreseeable future. By 2050, they calculate, the figure will reach 115.4 million worldwide....more

Can An Anti-Inflammatory Diet Help You Reduce Pain and Live Longer?

Eating healthy and trying to maintain a healthy weight are important for our overall well being. But there is now growing evidence that eating anti-inflammatory foods can reduce symptoms of chronic illness and even prevent heart disease. ...more


This posting is obviously near and dear to my heart as Catapult Fitness is ...more

Dating & Chronic Illness: Is it possible to be in a relationship when you are chronically ill?

As a person living with chronic illness, I was intrigued to read a post on dating with fibromyalgia. I can totally understand how complicated relationships can be - especially when you are living with an illness that isn't easily recognizable to the average person (an invisible chronic illness). It seems to me that "dating" isn't the real problem, it's trying to have a "relationship" that can become complicated. ...more

It's hard enough to maintain friendships with regards to chronic illnesses.  I have friends ...more

Never Say Never

Do you remeber Fievel from An American Tail? That was a cute cartoon. And in the movie, there was this song, "Never Say Never". I should have remembered that. Before David and I were married I told him, "I don't take out the trash. I don't mow the lawn. That's man's work." I grew up with three brothers. I've never even started a lawn mower. ...more

Commonplace Medical Care: Good Enough?

Once a month I go to an oncologist's infusion center to be given a medicine called Tysabri. I have no idea where they got this ridiculous name, because it has no resemblance to the generic, Natalizumab. I will readily admit Tysabri is better than Natalizumab. But they are both pretty darn bad. Tysabri is a relatively new treatment for Multiple Sclerosis. It came out in 2004 with a lot of promise. Studies were showing it slowed the progression of MS by 68% over a placebo. That is pretty awesome. There was one tiny little hiccup. ...more

Chronic Illness: Claims Of Cures Are Often Scams.

Do you suffer from a chronic illness with no known cure? Like Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? If so, you probably wish every day that you could find a cure and finally be healthy and well. Why is it that just about every illness without a medically proven cure, has loads of people "claiming" to know the cure? Not only is it disingenuous to promote cures to desperate people suffering with chronic illness, but it also minimizes the seriousness of these conditions. ...more


 sadly these claims carry over into every illness including cures for ...more