How Have You Used Social Media to Find Support?

Have you, or someone you know, actively searched for online communities and support through social media after you were newly diagnosed with a medical or health condition?Join us TOMORROW, Wednesday, September 16th at 12pm ET, for a very special #C2PCHAT Twitter Chat to celebrate Care To The People​'s recent web hub launch. We'll be discussing how to use social media to find support after being newly diagnosed. ...more

Forget the Spoons: Powering Through Chronic Illness

I know. This sounds like one of those posts that tells people that their chronic illness is “all in their head”, or can be pushed through, or other nonsense. I promise, though, it’s not....more

My Son Is an Addict. And He Has Sickle Cell Disease.

As I think back, I remember as a teenage girl asking God for a child who would love me unconditionally, because I wanted someone to love and someone to love me back....more
Thank you Rita....I have to remember, to tell my story....may help another or they may help me. ...more

Because of Chronic Illness

Now that we're past the middle of the month I feel I can safely say February 2014 will probably go down in history as one of the cruddiest and most stressful for Mark and I.Technically, I suppose everything is really happening to my husband. Seems like everything that isn't a major medical crisis is afflicting him. But see, when you're married, the things that happen to your spouse, happen to you too....more

It Was Just a Blip

I was really enjoying not spending time at the hospital. I have loved not feeling completely freaked out. But I knew something was coming. I don't know how I knew, but I did. I was starting to feel overly anxious out of the blue. Unsettling thoughts kept rearing their ugly little heads in my mind. Always, though, we think of ways to try not to worry needlessly. When my husband didn't feel well on one day it was easy to explain it away as, "Oh, he just needs his dialysis on tomorrow."...more

The Rabbi and her Green Stamps

Anyone who spends much time with me hears about Green Stamps. Once upon a time, the Sperry & Hutchinson Company printed these stamps.  Back in the 1960's we received them as a premium at the grocery store and various retailers, and if we saved enough (usually by pasting them in special saver books) then we could trade the Green Stamps for all sorts of goodies: toys, housewares and other loot....more

Chronic illness - It doesn't just affect the patient

 I thought of writing this post a few weeks ago but I've had a pretty busy month and haven't had the energy to do so. Now that my wedding and honeymoon are over I can get back to my blog. I have so much to write about! :)...more

Spoons on Strike

I wasn't expecting to add another post so soon after my last but what a nightmare i'm having!My spoons have gone on strike!! It's as if they won't replenish. Not with rest,  with coffee, hot baths, energy tablets, pain relief or any other way I usually blag extra ones. ...more

The Isolating Effect of Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia

The thing I hate even more than the constant, all over pain of fibromyalgia is the isolating effect it has. Chronic pain isolates you from others. People try to empathize with what you're going through, but if they've never experienced chronic pain themselves, then they can't. Some people can make a pretty good guess as to what you're experiencing if they've had a bad injury resulting in a lot of pain, migraine headaches, or something else in this vein.  Others don't even have that much insight....more

A Poem for Fibromyalgia Patients?

I came across this poem a couple of months ago.  My mother-in-law had this book of poetry sitting in the living room and I happened to pick it up.  This poem jumped out at me immediately.  It speaks to me of my battle with fibromyalgia.  I feel like it eloquently sums up the process I think we fibromyalgia sufferers go through to fight our pain.  I feel like I have to strip away all these parts of me, rip out all my unhealthy habits and ways of thinking, and tear myself down to the studs.  Once I’m down to bare bones and I’m still and quiet, then I can control ...more