Solutions for Chronic Pain

A staggering 100 million people in the USA suffer with chronic pain, a higher number than those diagnosed with cancer, diabetes and heart disease.  Chronic pain patients suffer because they  feel like they are not believed by medical professionals especially when many test results are negative, the medications don’t make a significant difference and their doctors don’t know what else to do.Medications or even surgical procedures alone may fail in treating chronic pain as retraining pain requires a multifaceted approach to achieve results....more

Different, Not Less: A Letter to Myself Before Diagnosis

For years, I struggled. I struggled through undergrad, then graduate school. I (eventually) made it though. I became a School Psychologist. I thought I was done struggling once I had the right letters behind my name. I became an advocate for others with a variety of differences, and yet struggled to accept my own.  Here is what I would tell that version of myself (the girl who is still working it out) if I could:Hi there,I want to start by saying that I SEE YOU....more

How Have You Used Social Media to Find Support?

Have you, or someone you know, actively searched for online communities and support through social media after you were newly diagnosed with a medical or health condition?Join us TOMORROW, Wednesday, September 16th at 12pm ET, for a very special #C2PCHAT Twitter Chat to celebrate Care To The People​'s recent web hub launch. We'll be discussing how to use social media to find support after being newly diagnosed. ...more

Life with Chronic Pain

Sleep is a sticking point for a body in chronic pain. It’s what I crave the most—to just lie down and close my eyes and not wake up for hours—but it’s often a craving left unsatisfied. Most mornings begin one of three ways....more

Cupping for Pain Relief

Try to imagine giant leeches sucking your legs for five minutes, and you’ll get the general idea of what goes on during cupping. I tried cupping to help increase circulation and aid healing in my damaged leg muscles, and for a week I sported round bruises on my calves and thighs....more

Parenting Through Our Pain

Living with chronic pain is a very difficult thing, but parenting through our pain can be even more challenging. As a mom of three, my challenge became real over five years ago when my children were only 6, 10, and 11 years old. I was very active in their school with volunteering, field trips, and going to all their sporting events. After I developed Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) a lot of questions arose....more

Today is Fibromyalgia Awareness Day. Take Back Your Voice. Make the Invisible Disability Visible. Wear Purple!

I’m wearing purple in honor of Fibromyalgia Awareness Day. I am a pain warrior. I’m taking back my voice to raise awareness.I have a condition but my condition doesn’t have me. I may have been diagnosed with a disease but this disease does not define me....more