Host a Narnia-themed birthday party

My 8-year-old has been reading the Chronicles of Narnia series, so for his birthday this year, he wanted to have a Narnia party. I was happy to oblige, especially since The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe is one of my all-time favorite children’s books....more

The Narnia Moment I Have Been Waiting For

My little Bean is old enough to want to read The Chronicles of Narnia out loud with me, and I am beside myself with joy. I grew up in a Narnia-loving family. When my husband-to-be met my parents for the first time, we sat at a coffee shop so they could get to know him, and one of the first questions they asked him was, "So, what are your thoughts on Narnia?" Then literally, they both had their elbows resting on the table, their chins resting on their knuckles, leaning forward, gazing into his eyes to hear his breathless answer. ...more
How did I miss this post??? I just loved this Liesl, what a great, incredible memories! Your ...more

Lisbeth Scott's Track from TRUE BLOOD on HBO - her voice is amazing

After buying Biomusique I became a big Lisbeth Scott fan – her voice is chillingly beautiful. ...more