How To Make Positive Lifestyle Changes

Sometimes we get bogged down in our routines but how about making some changes or trying something you’ve always wanted to have a go at but kept putting off?  Why wait? It’s time to take the initiate and stop playing it safe – follow your passions! Life is filled with endless possibilities and there’s nothing to lose by trying something new.  You can make positive lifestyle changes that will give you a new and exciting outlook on life....more

The Best Vitamins For Chronic Pain

The Best Vitamins For Chronic Pain...more

Watching For Hope Out My Window

I woke up one morning and started my day as usual doing something I loved, teaching and being with children. Teaching was the one place I really felt my heart belonged. Also going to college was my time to reach for a dream, I thought had died long ago....more

All You Got and Its Not A Lot

It is supposed to rain tomorrow. Lately, that's the kiss of death. The dropping barometric pressure gives me a horrible migraine that usually doesn't let up until the rain starts.  Don't get me wrong, it's better than it used to be.  At least with the new preventative I'm on I can manage the pain. The sick kid tried to go to school today and ended up calling home within the first hour.  Since this was her third day home, I decided to go the doc's.  We hopped in the car so we could make it to walk-in hours....more

Dancing With The Dragon RSD

There's a dragon living in my arm. Its scales are made up of broken jagged glass and razor blades. I can visualize the scales so clearly, made up of the old green Coke bottles, glinting and glittering with malicious intent. Sometimes, the dragon is quiet, only moving restlessly in its sleep, breathing its steam breath. Even just by being present, the scales dig and rip at me, the steam blisters...And the restless dreaming is the best I can ever hope for. Then there are the other times, when the dragon is active....more