The Man Who Took A Bullet For His iPod

My lovely Nashville just got married. Beautiful wedding and the reception was a lot of fun. In addition to the free drinks, dancing, hanging out with friends and taking more pictures than necessary, I finally was able to put a face to a name. That name is, "The Man Who Took a Bullet for His iPod." ...more

My completely normal, not at all scary infatuation with Chuck Norris

Once upon a time, in the time before bath scrunchees and liquid soap, there were other conveniences we didn't have.For instance, back in olden times, we used a rake to rid the lawn of unwanted fallen leaves. Actually, "olden times" were as recent as this weekend around our house....more

Mike Huckabee: Will He Be Our First Pop Culture President?

As Mike Huckabee marches toward the Republican nomination, coverage of Huckabee's campaign has fascinated me because I believe he might be the first true pop culture candidate (well, since Stephan Colbert was forced to drop out) and nothing makes me happier than the combination of pop and politics. What are Mike Huckabee's pop culture bona fides?  I see three key qualifiers: ...more

Indeed - I would credit Bill Clinton with opening the door for the Chuck Norris/Mike Huckabee ...more