NaBloPoMo (11/2016) - Day 17: How to make a Catholic priest come close to tears

 The pastor at my church called a meeting of all the Liturgical Ministers this evening. Since I am a Liturgical Minister, I went to the meeting.I could have done without it, to be honest....more

It's Psychological

Always late. That’s me.I was born two weeks late and have been late for everything since. My mother made the age-old statement numerous times, “There’s no doubt about it – you’ll be late for your own funeral!” My tardiness drove her crazy. She was the opposite. Very scheduled. Never late. My eldest daughter is just like her....more

Dear Mom in the Pew

Dear Mom in the Pew in Front of Me, the One with the Rowdy Kids:...more
bameng Thank YOU for your commitment to bringing them to church! One day you will be able to ...more

Me, Among Many Empty Pews

The greyness of that church, and the solitary man among the many empty pews could only remind me of one thing: the loneliness that religion has brought me at this point....more

9 Tips to Get you Through the Rehearsal Dinner

One wedding down, one more to go. I’m in the middle of my back-to-back bridesmaid duties and I wanted to pop in to talk about the rehearsal dinner. There have been many questions concerning this topic and I wanted to give some advice to those future brides and grooms....more

Wedding Planning 101: DIY Wedding Programs

When it came to our wedding programs, I did not want anything fancy. I wanted something super simple....more

Francis is my Pope

Pope Francis is my pope. I am Episcopalian and have no thoughts of converting to Roman Catholicism. But I wish to claim Pope Francis as my pope. You have to like a pope who lives in a small apartment and rides in a Ford Focus. He is reforming the Vatican Curia and getting finances under control. He likes to ride in the open popemobile and hugs crippled children. He says, "who am I to judge" gay people who love God....more

Sunday Musings: Why We Don't Go to Church On Easter Sunday

We don’t attend church on Easter. Why? Next to Christmas, Easter is the busiest day of the year for churches. The seating is maxed out, parking is a nightmare, and the message is pretty much the same every year....more

Why I Make My Kids Go to Church

If you visit a Mormon service on Sunday, the first thing you'll probably notice is the mid-level roar of all the child noise going on in the pews. ...more
They should have a choice, a parent should guide their kids and always give them a choice when ...more

Why It's So Hard to Show Up at Church

I woke up this morning, picked up my phone, clicked on the little notes icon and typed these words: I miss church. I do....more
I've had these feelings before, but my church is pretty laid back about attendance. Usually if ...more