Why It's So Hard to Show Up at Church

I woke up this morning, picked up my phone, clicked on the little notes icon and typed these words: I miss church. I do....more

I about forgot God on my way to church

I walked to church last Sunday....more

It's Not All In The Going

 I am a child of the church....more

Why do I go to church?

I go to church to worship God, learn more about Him and how I am supposed to be living, and to be around like-minded people. I like singing songs about Heaven and Jesus and what He's done for me. And I like to praise the Lord for all His blessings He has given us.There are many reasons......more

My Sunday Morning - Not What it Used to Be

Here I sit, on my couch with coffee and a Sunday paper on my lap on a March Sunday morning at about a quarter to 9. Just that simple description still boggles my mind a bit, I must admit. I have been a life-long church goer. It is what. you. do....more

Making Meatballs and Other Ways God Makes Me Uncomfortable

     We all like to be comfortable.  We like soft sheets, clothes without scratchy tags, food that makes us say "Mmm"; we even talk to others about how comfortable they are.  "How are you guys doing?""Good, you?""We're good.""Good." ...more

Thankfulness Tuesday: Christmas Tradition

I love tradition. I love having something that I know that we are going to do...something to look forward to. Part of becoming a family is creating your own traditions...taking some from his family and taking some from your family. It's fun to come up with new ideas too. A few of my favorite Christmas traditions are advent season, cutting down a tree and Christmas Eve service. I also love Christmas parties and dressing up in fancy clothes.To read more about my family tradition, visit: http://www.georgiapeachmommy.blogspot.com ...more

Making it to Church and Crossing Things Off My List


Seeking Spirituality

This will be a very honest post, and may offend some people.  It’s what I thought about posting today, and I became a little less clear about it just now based on a link I found on Facebook that a relative of mine posted.  But I’m still going to write about it anyway....more

Off the Beaten Path in Downtown Montreal

The 200 Meter ChallengeWelcome to Turnipseed Travel’s Latest Series!Inspired by our past success with the $200 Challenge, I was eager to take on a new travel trial. For those new to the concept, the $200 Challenge was built on a simple premise: can two people travel for two days on just $200? The answer was a resounding yes!...more