What Changed When I Integrated My Church Life

Sunday is the day of escape. It is the day of refuge. It is the day you lay your burdens down at the foot of the cross. It is the day of worship. I was raised in black church, specifically the Church of Christ (American Restoration Movement). I never remember race being discussed at church, ever, but the racial divide in my faith group is obvious. Even national youth retreats were separated along racial lines, and our local congregations hardly met for any type of combined gatherings....more
HapaMamaGrace BlogHer Related to this one! So glad she found a place where she & her family ...more

Climbing Out of a Cocoon

I am not sure about doing this ...except I feel like I must.Let me begin by saying that I am climbing ...no, maybe clawing ...my way out of a cocoon in which I have lived all my life.That may sound weird, as I was a pastor for 22 years. I am in the public eye a lot. But in spite of that, I have lived in a cocoon, and only a life-changing experience three years ago has convinced me that I need to come out ...and stay out.Three years ago,  I let myself down. I violated my vows as a clergy person, and in shame and guilt, I resigned from my church. ...more

FACC spearheads Flores de Mayo celebration in Charlotte

Photo by Jeric Jarical PhotographySIXTEEN-year-old Sophia Escobal was crowned the Reyna Elena (Queen Elena) for this year's Flores de Mayo event here in Charlotte, North Carolina....more

The Offensive Gospel

I understand that Christianity as a religion is offensive to a lot of people.  As an organized institution, we kind of suck sometimes.  I can’t possibly begin to profess to know whether each individual responsible for various types of meanness are “actually saved” or in a “real relationship with Jesus” or whatever.  But what I can say is that, at the very least, as a religion, we need a better marketing plan....more

Is church for sinners ... or believers?

 Photo by Gale E ...more

11 Questions Every Church Leader Should Be Asking

I copied this blog post from Willow Creek Association. Please pass this along to your church leaders if you feel prompted from the Lord to do so.  If you don't feel comfortable, maybe this will be a good tool to help you decide if you are attending the kind of church the Lord intended for you to attend. 11 Questions Church Leaders Should Be Asking:Re-post by Tony Morgan:...more


This morning's post is very simple, but quite profound. Many of us.....even those who know better......think of the "church" as a building. However, it's NOT! God never intended for it to be, either! Would He have sent His Son to die on the cross for a building? No! Absolutely not! Jesus died on the cross for YOU and for ME!If you are part of God's family - one of His children - then YOU are the church!! A quote from our preacher Sunday morning reminded us, "Don't allow the church to be a building any more!"...more

Serving When You're Tired

  Do you ever just have days or weeks when you feel completely introverted and/or socially awkward?I go through these phases mostly, I think, because I stay home with 3 kids all day, every day.I have days and weeks where I am just not good for conversation. I feel overwhelmed, and overworked, and emotionally spent....more

A Boy & Communion..Happiness and Belief in the times of such tragedy.

A little introduction to my story below…A memory of last summer that I will never forget . A perfect evening church service that my son ( 7 years old) partook in instead of going to his class. Our church does a very casual wed night service with snacks and beverages along with great contemporary worship music. We do communion on our own during worship with our families, we go up and select our bread, tare and share, dip and take the bread together and pray with our kids....more

The Littlest Church Planter

Okay, time for some vulnerability up in this piece.So Duff and I are planting a church. To some of you, this is as normal as burgers and fries, but I'm guessing that for some of you, that is totally weird. And it may not be weird because you think what we believe is weird (although that's totally possible too), but more so because you don't know what a church plant really is, or why we're doing that rather than going on staff at an existing church.I'm not going to get into all of that right now, but I will say this: sometimes it's weird for us too....more