Off the Beaten Path in Downtown Montreal

The 200 Meter ChallengeWelcome to Turnipseed Travel’s Latest Series!Inspired by our past success with the $200 Challenge, I was eager to take on a new travel trial. For those new to the concept, the $200 Challenge was built on a simple premise: can two people travel for two days on just $200? The answer was a resounding yes!...more

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Hipster Jesus, Old School Church & Marketing faith (A Rant)

Hipster Jesus, Old School Church and Marketing Faith (A rant). This is an old blog I wrote last year, sometime.  I have been re-thinking this stance on church and I am still feeling this way.  I am about to go on a women's retreat with a friend in Denver and I see the same "trendy Jesus" thing happening there as well.It's really starting to piss me off.  God does not change....more

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