Purpose-Driven Pastor Rick Warren Asks for $900k Bailout

Purpose-Driven Pastor Rick Warren’s message to parishioners this New Year’s Eve: bailout the church....more

For once a question about god and his ways was answered to me!

  So all my life I have been told to shut up and believe when ever I asked a question that even related to god and his ways, and I have had religion shoved down my throat my whole life. One reason I quit believing for the longest time....more

A Time to Dance?


Comeback: Meeting Singles in Church

Nowadays, singles looking for love are trying online dating, introductions through family and friends, the gym, work, airports and even their doctor’s waiting room.  People are constantly looking for creative ways to meet that special someone. ...more

Adults Behaving Badly

Is it Ok to excuse an adult for behavior you would punish your kids for?  This is a question I am pondering because I encountered a very very rude adult at church.  While I was complaining about the behavior, two of her friends came to her defense.  I was told that she is one of the nicest, kind hearted people I would ever come in contact with.  They said she would do anything she can for you.  She ju ...more

So -- what is it that you want from spiritual community?

I stole this idea from RevGalBlogPals. I confess! Whew, that's over. Now, on to the idea. (Lure: There is a prize at the end to watch. ) If you could name 5 characteristics for your ideal place of worship, a place you would want to come to often and be in community with people, what would those 5 characteristics, be? The ideal church - temple - shrine - synagogue - spiritual meeting place. What would be the main 5 features that would matter most to you? ...more

I would have sworn that was a UU community until I saw the front of the church!  I think out ...more


A few weeks ago I was handing out notes to ladies in our congregation. The note was inviting the ladies to go in on a wedding gift for someone who used to live in Tipton and who worshipped with us during that time. Many ladies are new to our congregation, so I wasn't giving the notes to them. They wouldn't know the person, of course. But, one of the new ladies said something to me that really made me think. She said, "I may not know the person, but I want the note. I want to be involved." ...more

Keeping Up With Old Friends While Attending a New Church: Big Ideas and Practical Methods

Reposted from http://www.sarahjoyalbrecht.com   This is a response to my friend Tara’s recent post on her blog, Considerable Grace. (Click here to read.) I started to reply in the comments, but I realized it was a post in-and-of-itself The question was, ...more

Water bottles everywhere

Water water everywhere. We take it with us wherever we go.  First it was water bottles.  And sports drinks.  Then coffee cups.  Now all of these show up at any time.  I’m a bit amused at all of us acting like we’ll perish from dehydration if we don’t have a water bottle to hold onto.   I’m pretty sure that if we all worked out vigorously at the gym (who are we kidding about how often that happens?) we could drink enough water there to satisfy our thirst and make it home.  ...more

Homeschooling Religion

Faith is very important to me.  I get a lot of peace and strength from my relationship with my Maker.  I'm not doing as well finding a church home, and that bothers me a little from a parenting perspective.  I want my daughter to understand my faith and my beliefs and be familiar with the Bible, but I also want her to be open-minded about the rest of the world. I can't seem to find a church that gives me everything I want.  They all seem to full of human beings, who are often motivated by things other than the Lord. ...more

I'm just not sure I believe in the organizations of man right now.

 I ...more