Hipster Jesus, Old School Church & Marketing faith (A Rant)

Hipster Jesus, Old School Church and Marketing Faith (A rant). This is an old blog I wrote last year, sometime.  I have been re-thinking this stance on church and I am still feeling this way.  I am about to go on a women's retreat with a friend in Denver and I see the same "trendy Jesus" thing happening there as well.It's really starting to piss me off.  God does not change....more

Money, Church & Shit

Rachel Rowell  @ saltedgrace.com...more

Things townies hear

It’s been almost two years since I moved back to the county where I grew up. I left the state, but not the region for a few years. I now live in the state capital, not the nearby smaller community where I lived as a child.It’s good to be home. Still, it’s a little strange running into to people from my past all the time. And I do mean ALL THE TIME. They’re everywhere. It’s like they live here or something. They’re a constant reminder of the awkward, shy girl I was in high school and they always make for uncomfortable small talk....more

Another Weekend at Corntassle Cottage

Corntassle Cottage, I just love that moniker. That is what I have nicknamed our happy little abode. LOL! I commented to the hubby a couple of weeks ago that I had nicknamed our place that when I posted a picture on fb of lil miss. He looked at me, rather puzzled, and said, "Where did you hear that name?" To which I looked at him, equally puzzled and said, "Well from you goofball!...more

Blessed Maundy Thursday!

You know it is funny...this time last year I had no idea what Maundy Thursday even was. Even today, I still have much to learn. You see my family only started attending church in October of 2011, before then I really had no interest in going. The hubby and I had decided about a month before that we were going to home-school lil man and lil miss, using the Christian based Abeka program. Not that church was a requirement for using the program, but I knew that they would be learning about the bible on a regular basis....more

Random Fun Facts: Papacy

Random Fun Facts:  PapacyThe responsibility of our Apostolic office impels us to promote the study of Holy Scripture in accordance with the teaching of our predecessors, Leo XIII and Pius X.  We shall never desist from urging the faithful to read daily the Gospels, the Acts and the Epistles, so as to gather thence food for their souls.  Ignorance of the Bible means ignorance of Christ.  ~Pope Benedict XVI...more

Don't Leave Church Because of the Gay Couple

There is a couple that attends my church. Well, it’s not actually just “my” church. It’s their church, too. And the guy sitting next to me’s church. And that family in the 2nd row’s church.Some people are leaving our church because this couple looks different from what they are used to. And it makes them uncomfortable.I love our church. I am 100% behind our mission to serve the community around us. In fact, I made it my goal last year to do just that on a weekly basis. I’m not sure I would conjured the motivation had it not been for our church....more

Powerful and extraordinary women

Wow! What an amazing week. God has truly blessed me. As most of you know one of my goals this year was to get involved at church. I joined two women's classes. This week was first week we met and I already feel like a more powerful woman. Some of the women in my Tuesday class are in my Wednesday class so that was a nice surprise. Last night we told our stories and I just feel in awe of some of these inspiring women and had tears for those whose stories were of sadness and of praise. This year church had so many classes to choose from and I didn't know what to do....more

An introvert in an extroverted church

 Last week I wrote a little bit about how Susan Cain's book and how encouraging it was to me as an introvert.  Those thoughts have been rattling around in my head the past few days, especially yesterday as I (like many of the residents of this part of the country we call the bible belt) headed to church....more

Why I've Been Avoiding My Spiritual Community

For the past 10 years, I've been a part of a spiritual community that both nurtures and inspires me. I have been an active volunteer in this congregation. I have felt strong connections to the people there. I married my husband in the sanctuary. A few years ago when asked in a meditation workshop to close my eyes and think of a place where I belonged, it was the building where this congregation gathers that came into my mind.So why haven't I been there in several months? ...more
@j9nkidz Thanks for your comment. A couple of things were going on. 1) As I mentioned, I have ...more