Can We 'Get Real' About Sex in Church?

A few weeks ago my close friend Tina called after a difficult week at church. Her pastor was preaching a series about marriage, and he was all about "getting real."From her perspective, "getting real" meant that he was about to talk about sex....more
 @LetThemEatGreat Totally agree with what you're saying here. I had some pretty tumultuous years ...more

How My Children Make Me Pay Attention More During Prayer and Worship

Unfortunately though this is compelling, and I think, very true and necessary -- the imperative to embrace the darkness and quiet because of its being conducive to God's's just not feasible anymore. One of four things happen when I close my eyes, particularly for prayer: 1) I start snoring. 2) I start daydreaming. 3) I start writing lists. 4) The babies run away and/or fall off a pew (namely, in church on Sundays). So I stopped closing my eyes. Actually, I stopped a while ago....more
I am a mother of 7 - 5 Boys and two girl, I would not say that I have forced Christianity on to ...more

Do not take...

I'm about to spread some extremely valuable advice.  Ready?  Do not take a book obsessed toddler to church.  Oy! We are not church goers.  To be honest I do not understand how families with little kids do it every week.  More power to you.  ::internet fist bump:: ...more

Snippet from the Pulpit: Boobs!

I was scheduled to lead the worship service this morning at church, so I dressed up: conservative black dress pants, heels, a royal blue sweater* with a built-in white shirt with french cuffs. Front-of-the-church attire, or so I thought. The service was unusual because I not only spoke from behind the pulpit, but also at a microphone on a stand directly in front of the congregation. ...more

Went To Black Church Tonight... Am I Supposed To Be Black?

I'm curious to see what the BlogHer community has to say about my visit to black church: Please keep in mind that it's a humor blog and any hateful comments will be deleted and not acknowledged. I'm only addressing grown-ups here ;0) ...more

I Am An 'Unchurched' Christian

If you google the words "unchurched Christian", what you'll find is first, a Barna survey exploring the percentages of individuals who claim to be Christians but don't attend church, and second, quite literally thousands of blogs, articles, "Pastor's Corners", and comments from churched Christians on why *they* think these people no longer attend, why *they* think these people are in the wrong, and the most appalling dis...more
I understand and agree. I have been an unchurched Christian for several years. I stopped ...more

Sunday Best

I wouldn't consider myself a religious person, but I do believe in God.  I won't lie and say I go to church every Sunday shouting "hallelujah- praise the lord!"  But, I would like to change that. It's pretty sad that the last time I went to church was Christmas Day.  The time before that was Princess's baptism....more

Thankful for My Church

I love my church.  The people, not the building.  My church home is the first one in which I’ve taken a serious interest – that’s saying a lot considering I grew up spending two days per week in a place of worship and one at a congregant’s home for “book study”.  Thepeople at my church are welcoming, the teen and elementary departments are amazing, and the organization is missions-oriented....more


My oldest son is away on a weekend retreat and ski holiday with two dozen high-schoolers and a handful of adult leaders from church.  ...more

My Spiritual Journey - 2

This week I’ll be focusing on many of the reasons that I didn’t think I could ever consent to be a Christian in Part 2 of my spiritual journey from agnostic to Christian....more