Church on Crutches...

Limping into church on crutches to see my son's preschool performance, I tripped and quietly said, "Oh sh*t..."  My mom behind me was not happy, "God damn it, Laurie! Stop swearing!  We're in church for f*ck sake!"...more

Pip Squeak: Does Anyone “Go to Church” Anymore?

The neighbour girl was over playing with Poppet one day. “What does your husband do?” she asked. “He’s a minister,” I replied. “What’s that?” she wondered aloud....more

My Journey Through Spirituality - 1

 A couple of weeks ago, I stepped out of my blogging comfort zone to talk about something potentially controversial, the dynamic of different religious groups in the town I now live in....more

Defined by Religion 2

This is the second post in my series of being “Defined by Religion.”  (First post here.) The first thing is to explain what I mean by that. What I’m talking about here is how one’s place in society or the community is based on a person’s religious group....more

Defined by Religion

What does it mean when your life, your existence is defined by religion? This is the first post in a series that will explore this question. ...more
@EvesIdentity Hopefully, it will live up to your expectations. Thanks for stopping by and ...more

"Christmas is a Comin'"- by E.L Harris

Cell phone's been working overtime to listen to Christmas songs next to my bed till I fall asleep so I don't get tempted to use up my battery up toIM 'Too Busy' at 11 o'clock like I've done every night since Tuesday when I came home to find my cracked window and my black cat that disappeared...waited up all night for the burglar, I put the dowel rod in sideways to see if he'd think that would make it easy to get in but then I stared at my Xmas lights until I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer and I fell asleep to the insturmental version of "Christmas is Here" from the Charlie Brown Christm...more

Going Home, and Back to Church

Lititz Moravian Church 2011 Christmas Family Lovefeast.  Our Star :)On Sunday, I decided since we had zero plans for the day until Dexter started at 9pm, well, I went to church. And I didn’t get struck by lightning. And it all came back, why I’m a believer, how God moves me, how present he is there at Lititz Moravian Church....more
@isthisthemiddle thank you! we decided to resume our search ...more

When Church Doesn’t Welcome You and Your Special Needs Child

Over the past year I’ve received a handful of emails from parents that have been pushed away from their church. In some cases, it’s due to ignorance. As in the case of the family that was told that their child’s mental illness was a direct result of the parent’s sin. Other times, it’s more subtle, maybe their child is too loud during service and can’t sit still, taking away from the “holy” experience, bringing on hushed criticism or rude looks. Either way, the intolerance is felt and families leave their church when unfortunately, they need it most....more


(Originally posted Nov. 6 over here)Today on my way to church, as I was turning left on a left arrow (as in, no one else should’ve been coming at me from the opposite lanes), someone across from me turned right without even slowing down for her TOTALLY red light. I was fortunate enough that I saw she wasn’t slowing, so I entered the intersection cautiously and gave her a little honk to let her know she had pissed me off (not to mention broken the law and stuff)....more
If it makes you feel better I once gave the finger to a police officer in a ghost car. He was ...more