If Only I...

If Only I…Carla Chapel walked on dirty leaves, twigs and branches; all signs of the actual trail had been lost some time ago.  She couldn’t even see the sun, with the overcast sky and wind whipping the treetops.  An evening storm had definitely rolled in.  A tear slid down her cheek; another soon joined it.  Now what am I supposed to do?  She wondered.  If it hadn’t been for that old woman she wouldn’t even be out there.  No phone, no flashlight, no matches.  How did I ever end up here? ...more
I loved this story, it touched me very deeply. Thank you! ~Virginiamore

Did you know I am a judgmental, bigoted heathen!!

     Do you remember going to the Library in school?  All those books!...more

Seven Days a Week

Getting together with other believers is important.  We need to fellowship with like minded people who can encourage us and pray for/with us.  We also need to worship with other believers.  I absolutely love to stand back and watch people worship.  Watching others worship excites me and makes me want to worship even more!  Corporate worship is wonderful.  However, corporate worship should never be what we live for.  Have you ever said or heard said, "if I can just make it to church on Su...more

Back to (Home)School Again

My oldest son just asked me if I was ready to start back with homeschooling again.  For a split second I considered answering truthfully and saying, "Are you kidding me?  No way!".  Instead, I just smiled and nodded and said, "I sure am".  It is just easier that way....more

A beautiful baby, a scary looking mommy, getting duped in God's backyard

Last night, the husband and I packed up and got ready to go to Mass.  It was pretty uneventful, or so we thought.  Evie was an angel throughout the process, she even allowed me to dress her up in a gorgeous lavender flowered dress, pretty white sandals, and a lavender bow in her hair.  She looked like a little angel if I do say so myself!  ...more

Never Say 'Never!' To Getting Involved

Sometimes, trying to convince oneself is not so convincing. Saying "Never!" to a situation may change that "Never!" into exactly what happens next. Whatever the timeline, this scenario will surely come your way. 'I will never be friends with her. I will never be a vegetarian. I will never work for someone I don't like.' Yeah, nice try.  One of my “never’s” was to not participate in overseas missionary type work. No, thanks. I will write you a check and yes, please put me on your prayer email thingy but I do enough here in my hometown - for my Church, Children, and Charities....more

Thank you so much for your comments.... its confirming to have others feel the same perspective, ...more

Chant of Death: Interview with mystery writer and poet Diane Marquart Moore

“Chant of Death is a remarkable piece of storytelling: grounded in the real and the observable but connected as well to the magical and the ineffable. Diane Marquart Moore and Isabel Anders are rare intelligences in the world of mystery writers. They have woven a tale that is at once a traditional mystery with nods here and there to the best of the writers in the genre....more

See Diane Marquart Moore's latest release, Silence Never Betrays, ...more

My unintentional visual aids at church

About a year after I had my son Joshua, I had finally lost all the weight I gained while being pregnant. To celebrate that last 10 pounds, I went shopping. The following Sunday I pulled out the new skirt I had purchased and I smiled as I put it on. After years of living with my grandma, I had her speech about wearing slips under your skirts or dresses burned in my brain. She told us many times how it was unacceptable not to wear one so I smiled because the skirt bought was lined with a nice silky type material. It was a built-in slip!...more

Rapture, part 2, and a new church

So obviously, it didn't happen. All you had to do is take one look at Harold Camping's math and you'd know that this guy was coming out of left field with all of this. But hey, that's his gig, and if people want to trust him, that's their business. What makes me sad though is all the anti Christian stuff I've read leading up to all of this. The people who honestly believed that Saturday was their last day on Earth are just as short sighted as the people who assumed every Christian believed this guy, or every Christian is like Pat Robertson or John Hagee. Guess what? We're not....more

Our Son Desperately Wants to Go to Church

“Mommy, when are we going to church again?” It’s become a regular refrain from our oldest son. Sometimes he asks me. Sometimes he asks his daddy. On Easter Sunday, when we went to my parents’ church, he had a very serious conversation with my own father about how his mommy and daddy were still looking for a new church. I have a very heavy heart and a bit of parental guilt that we haven’t found one we like yet, but the truth remains: We haven’t found one we like yet. ...more
@springolife I actually love this idea of home church, or smle church! I am older and disabled, ...more