Segment 10: The Man in the Truck

Blog DirectorySegment 10: The Man in the Truck I made it appoint to walk behind my brother and sister who walked behind my mother and father under the Georgian crests of the twelve apostles carved into a cement parapet at the roof of our church....more

Contending For The Faith

  We Were Created For God's Purpose ...more

Sunday, Sunday...

Mama gave a final hug to her room mates, Caleb, Suri, Joshie, Molly and Simcha, and dashed off with BFF Betty and her quiet son, Greg, for their annual pilgrimage to Branson, Missouri.  Her favorite is the Lawrence Welk Show, but mom, "Nan", is happy as a clam with most anything musical.  The first born of the famous dancer/singer/actor James Waugh Russell,  Nan comes by her appreciation of entertainment naturally.  Although she is retired from her hula dancing and doesn't win anymore trophies for her jitterbug, she still does the Russ...more

Our church lady:My hero

The community was dis-spirited. Would that large concrete slab, now over grown with weeds ever become the church it was envisioned to be? The weeds came and the weeds went, sun, rain and snow and the slab lay silent....more

Exit Pursued by a Priest

I've never been a very churchy person. I teach a lot of Christian philosophy and believe what I take to be the essential principles of the same. I even married an Anglican Priest. (Sort of a scandal given that I was raised RC, but given how far I had fallen, I think my mom took it to be as good as it was going to get.) But the Church and I have never really seen eye to eye....more
I think God rolls his eyes over long services and would enjoy a good tim bit every now and ...more

If Only I...

If Only I…Carla Chapel walked on dirty leaves, twigs and branches; all signs of the actual trail had been lost some time ago.  She couldn’t even see the sun, with the overcast sky and wind whipping the treetops.  An evening storm had definitely rolled in.  A tear slid down her cheek; another soon joined it.  Now what am I supposed to do?  She wondered.  If it hadn’t been for that old woman she wouldn’t even be out there.  No phone, no flashlight, no matches.  How did I ever end up here? ...more
I loved this story, it touched me very deeply. Thank you! ~Virginiamore

Did you know I am a judgmental, bigoted heathen!!

     Do you remember going to the Library in school?  All those books!...more

Seven Days a Week

Getting together with other believers is important.  We need to fellowship with like minded people who can encourage us and pray for/with us.  We also need to worship with other believers.  I absolutely love to stand back and watch people worship.  Watching others worship excites me and makes me want to worship even more!  Corporate worship is wonderful.  However, corporate worship should never be what we live for.  Have you ever said or heard said, "if I can just make it to church on Su...more

Back to (Home)School Again

My oldest son just asked me if I was ready to start back with homeschooling again.  For a split second I considered answering truthfully and saying, "Are you kidding me?  No way!".  Instead, I just smiled and nodded and said, "I sure am".  It is just easier that way....more

A beautiful baby, a scary looking mommy, getting duped in God's backyard

Last night, the husband and I packed up and got ready to go to Mass.  It was pretty uneventful, or so we thought.  Evie was an angel throughout the process, she even allowed me to dress her up in a gorgeous lavender flowered dress, pretty white sandals, and a lavender bow in her hair.  She looked like a little angel if I do say so myself!  ...more