I Am Woman!!!

 Lord Jesus, thank you for making me a woman.I embrace my femininity, and celebrate it! I declare according to your word:That I am fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalms 139:14)That I am of great value to God and people, because I am created in your image. (Genesis 1:26)That I will not allow fear, insecurity, low self-esteem, the past or present to limit me in my calling as a woman....more

“Sometimes it seems so limiting to be a woman, to be smaller with a quieter voice, and to be ...more

My Nairobi Sunday

Going to church has since recently become a necessity for my sanity, especially now with all the work I'm trying to put into my blog / website. And at school and work. Finance is a tough career!!! I don't think I could go a week without my Sunday morning Church Service at Mavuno Church, Mombasa Road here in sunny Nairobi, Kenya....more

The Magic of The New Year

I just did a post on http://20thparadigm.blogspot.com about why and how much I love Sundays, because of my awesome church www.mavunochurch.org and today our pastor mentioned something about the magic of the new year.Why do we stay up late, go out, have incredibly huge parties and amazing fireworks? What makes the night of December 31st so special and different from all the other nights. Aren't you going to wake up the exact same person on January 1st (or 2nd depending on how hard you partied lol) that you went to sleep as?...more

Christmas Traditions in a "Dysfunctional" Family

The feeling of growing up in a dysfunctional family seems to be common. The term "dysfunctional" indicates that the family did not function at all, which is usually not true. No matter how deep the pathology or how damaged the members, families usually DO function to some extent, especially during the holidays....more

A scenario all to common?

After youth service one Friday night some 13 years ago as we went about cleaning up and clearing the pews, I came across a note. In short, it said: Dear ____ I sure wish I could be like you all, but I am a bad girl. I have done bad things and am dirty. I wish I could fit in, but I know I cannot. So I won't even try. Thank you for inviting me here tonight. I will find another way home. Love ______...more

Shameful Shame

Shameful Shame For many years people in respected positions such as Bishops, Preachers, Deacons, Etc.  have been held at a higher place in life and never expected to do anything wrong.  However, occassionally some of these individuals slip up and various crimes are committed. Should these wrong doings stop members of the church from attending future services? ...more

My Child is Blessed

I went to church on Sunday.I know big surprise.I felt like I hadn’t gone in ages, but with all the hub-bub of the fall over and a lucky day off of work, I took advantage of the opportunity to hear the good Lord’s word.It is a small country church and because I’m black I knew my presence would be a slight distraction. I usually don’t use the latter as an excuse, but it’s perfectly fitting for the situation....more

Light a candle - Day 84 of ONE GOOD DEED

It’s a symbol more than anything else. My religious beliefs are uncertain. Nevertheless, I find it familiar and comforting to be there. Today I went to church to light a candle....more

So Far This Week

We took Laila to church with us for the first time last Sunday. She got nervous on the way and started saying her tummy hurt. I could tell she was a little scared so I promised her that Elizabeth would stay with her the whole time. Having sister close by seemed to make her feel better. I sing in the praise team and during music I saw her sitting on the front row. During the first song she just stood there. On the second she started clapping along. By the third song she was actually dancing and really getting into it....more

A Church Fail?

I'm noticing something interesting lately and I'm not really sure exactly what I think about it, but I'd love to get some discussion going around here. I think it's a bit of a big topic and that there are going to major underlying issues that led to what I'm noticing now. I'd say what's got my attention is symptoms of something bigger that I don't quite have my finger on yet.So let's get started.What I'm noticing is a certain disconnect in the land of Christianity, or at least modern American church Christianity....more